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Organisational Behaviour in an Engineering Company - Case Study Example

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The given paper "Organisational Behaviour in an Engineering Company" provides detailed information about the history of the development of the engineering company, namely that Ronald Arnott started an engineering company in 1989 and recruited an old friend, David Dobson as Project Manager. Five years later, he recruited a material purchaser and slowly increased his shopfloor staff. …
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Organisational Behaviour in an Engineering Company
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Download file to see previous pages In 2009, Ronald retired and Christine took over as Managing Director. The company had gone through rough weather with an impact on profits though there had been no reduction of staff. Markets had stagnated and certain conditions had reduced the need for new grain silos.
Christine’s vision was one of economic survival through expansion and diversification based on the existing competencies of the company. Existing resources may be made available for diversification projects without an increase in the outlay of the company.
An understanding of Christine from the standpoint of Maslow’s model brings out the fact that she is keen to prove her capabilities. Recognition from colleagues and her peer group, she is keen to show her individual ability to manage new important projects without consulting employees who can add value to her decisions. She tries to get involved in projects that will bring her into the limelight and feed her need for prestige and status. She is at the Ego stage of the hierarchy. This is the reason she prefers to take independent decisions and shares information on a piecemeal basis.
She has adopted a Directive style of leadership with the expectation that output will be produced on the strength of her communication. She derives power from her status of leader and expects staff behaviour to mould itself on the strength of monetary incentives that she introduces to enthuse the staff.
There has been a shared sense of pride in the objective of the company. This is brought out by, Dobson’s statement of pride in producing silos for farmers of the country. Dobson is upset that nobody asked about his willingness to manage a new challenge since he is used to being involved in key decisions about the company. Dobson is conscious of his seniority and is used to being consulted as brought out in the comment about his age and experience with the company.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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