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Health Care Enterprise (IHE) implementation - Essay Example

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Some literature focuses on the non-attendance of surgery in relation to communication about operating theatre utilization and preoperative information. By the use of effective ways of communication the significant preoperative information that patients undertake are the…
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Health Care Enterprise (IHE) implementation
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Extract of sample "Health Care Enterprise (IHE) implementation"

Health Care Enterprise (IHE) implementation 2 Introduction Some literature focuses on the non-attendance of surgery in relation to communication about operating theatre utilization and preoperative information. By the use of effective ways of communication the significant preoperative information that patients undertake are the consequences of non-attendance, the better utilization of resources and time being achieved. The chapter focuses on the literature on the topic project area (Marmora, 1994). It gives out the evidence to give support the rationale of change and oversees the findings of past literature. Relevant topics found in a number of articles which some of the main methods of measurements and results as discussed and interventions. Some studies conducted in practices of surgery and others in out-patient clinics (Littman, 1991).
2. 2 Literature Review
At the beginning of the literature reviews of search strategy to enhance the process of thinking regarding the focus and topic of the most important literature (Hunnicutt, 2010). The research conducted using the keywords; non-attendance rate, patient not turning up, no-shows, preoperative education, did-not- attends theatre utilization and preoperative teaching (Gupta, 2009). For the search to be refined techniques such as Boolean connectors (AND, OR), ex “preoperative patient education” quotations (“x”), ex. (non-attendance rate and theatre utilization) were applied. This aided in the achievement of the exact or accurate information and also saved time. Furthermore, this forwarded the search used to track the publishing of information by examining the lists of references that selected studies preferred and looked at the citations (Malika, 2005).
2. 3 Themes
Reasons for non-attendance
To date, methods of various developments are introduced to measure the non-attendance rates at the hospitals (Gupta, 2009). The non-attendance reasons sought different ways as well.
Scott sought for non-attendance reasons from patients and a barium enema was requested. Literature proves the reasons of non-attendance as generally classified as multi-factorial (Wicker, & Oneill, 2010, 249). They differ in healthcare practices, settings, and/or times (McLaughlin, 1994). The impression given to the reader is that results change according to other factors. The validity and reliability of the used measures are reported clearly and precisely (Woodhead, & Wicker, 2005, 141).
The successful interventions
The overviewed literature is quite replete with evidence of the importance of improving the patient-hospital communication (Dickson, 2008). The communication was improved by the interventions of reminders from telephone and personal contacts with the patients (Stolt, 2009, 5). The interventions were used in most studies and shown the effectiveness in reducing the rates of non-attendance (Stolt, 2009, 7).
Theatre utilization
A considerable amount of the literature published on the impact of the non-attendance for surgeries on the utilization of the operating theatre (Malika, 2005). The studies gave important correlation between the operating theatre utilization and non-attendance rates. Nevertheless, they would convince the authors’ acknowledgements that faced the limitations (Siegler, Mirafzali, & Foust, 2003, 203).
Surgical waiting lists
Reducing the non-attendance rates proved a positive impact on the waiting lists. It indicates that the effective improvement is never necessary through the addition of more resources but is effective in managing the available ones (Paul, 2002).
2.4 Implications for the change project
The results discussed the interventions shows the significance of communicating preoperative information to the patients (Cyna, 2010, 177). The initiations provided the patients with the required information of preoperative and gave them the opportunity to call the hospital for more information or the assistance that is required (Dickson, 2008). The benefits of the patient orientation practice would reflect as better use of the hospital resources and improved patient education (Kneedler, & Dodge, 1994, 76). The appropriate selection that suits the organization situation proved its effectiveness of reducing the rates of non-attendance.
2. 5 Conclusion
The chapter has discussed what constitutes the best of the best practices in terms of effective communication of the important preoperative information which is to reduce the non-attendance rate and provides the evidence to support the rationale for the change. The light of research discussed in the literature review the chapter, possibly to recognize the importance of providing the appropriate information to patients to be more informed about the care (Dick, 1997). The magnitude of the non-attendance problem was explored and a gap found in the literature conducted in the region of Middle East. Therefore, the project decided to employ the weighed combination precisely the past successful interventions to facilitate the process of making informed decisions by the patients to attend the appointments or to cancel them and hence give a chance to the earlier operation to another patient.
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