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The first Sainsbury store opened in 1869 and since then the brand has expanded all across the UK. Today, Sainsbury has 525 supermarkets and 303 convenience stores. The brand has a heritage of providing…
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Download file to see previous pages Today, Sainsbury has massive volumes of customers. They serve over 18.5 million customers a week and have a market share of around 16 % in the food retailing business in the UK. The large stores have thousands of different products which suit virtually to people of all ages. The actual number of products in large stores is close to 30,000 and these are also available for home deliveries (J Sainsbury, 2010).
Apart from the stores Sainsbury also offers Sainsbury property and Sainsbury banking services. The Sainsbury property has a portfolio which includes 297 freehold and long leasehold properties and 43 properties within joint venture arrangements. While the Sainsbury bank offers a range of products like insurance, credit cards, loans and savings.
Sainsbury has a simple business strategy and that is customer is the king. They strive hard to deliver the best quality products to their clients’ at the most affordable prices. In the process they create a unique shopping experience for each client who walks into the store and make lives of thousands of people across UK easier.
An enterprise system is a software system that attempts to integrate all the departments and functions across a company into a single computer system. Such a system is able to cater to all the needs of the various departments in the organization. It integrates information across the entire organization and serves the needs of the people in finance as well as those in the warehouse or the supply chain departments (Wailgum, 1997). Each department has its own computer system that is optimized to serve the needs of the specific department. But an enterprise system integrates all such software and combines them into a single platform that runs off using a single database so that all departments can share information with each other
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