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The Microsofts Company Culture - Essay Example

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The paper “The Microsoft‘s Company Culture” will evaluate the successful policies and strategies adopted by Microsoft Corporation, the effect of organizational management and corporate dealings. Microsoft has set a new benchmark in the progressing world of globalization…
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The Microsofts Company Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Business is a monopoly of strategies to start with. In a world advancing with globalization and changing with progressing innovation, constant evaluation and re-designing of policies is a necessity for business survival.
Organizational behavior, strategies, decisions, environment and workforce determine the organizational success and its promotion towards progress and advancement. It is thus a necessity to look into the policies of successful companies, to render, adhere and change what’s not working to what’s the best. One such company which has achieved to do this is an American public multinational corporation- The Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation has efficiently articulated its policies and strategies to remain sustainable in their top position, for almost a decade.
With offices in more than 60 countries, Microsoft earns more than US$16.5 billion in operating income with approximately 71,170 employees (Microsoft Corporation Annual Report 2006).Since Microsoft Corporation is an American public multinational corporation, the public is also an asset to it. Microsoft’s Windows operating system is home to over 95% of the world computers (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington, 2008).
Microsoft has a global reach in terms of software, operating systems, internet portals etc., all being used by over millions of not only individuals, but by millions of organization and businesses hub. Some of the most widely used and innovative Microsoft products are Windows, Office applications and Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has also also has stepped inside the cable television market with MSNBC as well as MSN Internet Portal.
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