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The two types of people tend to be bosses in their respective fields but in different ways. Leadership and management complement each other and go hand in hand. Separating the two will most likely cause problems…
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MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP of Affiliate 11th April Introduction Leaders and managers have several differences and similarities. The two types of people tend to be bosses in their respective fields but in different ways. Leadership and management complement each other and go hand in hand. Separating the two will most likely cause problems. The two aspects, however, have distinct differences (Murray).
The differences between management and leadership
Managers organize, co ordinate and plan whereas leaders motivate and inspire. While managers govern, the leaders innovate and transform. The managers essentially organize and co ordinate the ideas that leaders come up with. The work of a leader mainly revolves around coming up with new ideas and keeping the work force enthusiastic about the project that he comes up with. The manager then takes up the idea and works towards achieving the goal set by the leader. The leader tends to be people oriented whereas manager tends to be systems oriented. These two aspects of people can be in the same person. The only difference comes in the mode used to combine the two aspects in the same person. These differences are as summarized in the following table (Murray).
Relies on control
Inspires trust
Has a short-range view
Has a long-range perspective
Asks how and when
Asks what and why
Has eyes fixed on the bottom line
Has eyes fixed on the horizon
Accepts the status quo
Challenges the status quo
The classic good soldier
His or her own person
Does things the right way
Does the right thing
Cultivating leadership skills in managers and how managers can increase organizational performance by setting effective expectations.
Managers can become good leaders when they step out of the comfort zone and be innovative as opposed to only following instructions (Murray).
The roles managers play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture when applying leadership principles.
Managers give the assurance of a healthy organisational culture by doing things in the right way. This makes sure that no risks come into play hence maintaining order (Murray).
Summary of the best practices for leading in a diverse workplace; How leveraging diversity can benefit an organization.
Understanding the nature of the staff becomes an essential part of being a leader and a manager. As a leader, knowing and understanding the people a person leads becomes the first priority. Different people have different natures hence need to be treated differently. The understanding of staff can help a long way in managing them. As a leader, the aspects of a manager complement leadership. Some people may not like to be pushed whereas others may get bored in a dull working place. The leader needs to take note of all those qualities and assign duties according to a person’s nature. The nature should also guide the leader in knowing how to motivate different people.
Diversity happens to be the main key towards success in any organisation. The qualities that a person lacks become complemented in another person. This helps an organisation to get the players needed in solving any task (Murray). A manager can be best suited to work around organising these people into an effective work force. However, the manger would be forced to lead people instead of organising them.
Murray, A. (n.d.). What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership?
Retrieved from style/what-is-the-difference-between-management-and-leadership/ Read More
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MANAGEMENT WK4 ASSIGNMENG Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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