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Ensure you embrace representation from all stakeholder groups, e.g., data steward, IT specialist and end user.
iii) Use Cases: Helps in explaining…
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Project scope mangement
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Project scope analysis Q1. Several information technology projects start with gathering requirements from diversesources. The requirements can be gathered from;
i) Stakeholders: determine stakeholder project anticipations through personal interviews or group meetings in case of large number of stakeholders.
ii) Focus Groups: conduct one or more focus group meetings to discuss and brainstorm project functionality as well as deliverables. Ensure you embrace representation from all stakeholder groups, e.g., data steward, IT specialist and end user.
iii) Use Cases: Helps in explaining the functional requirements of a system by pointing out the total series of events from interactions with the system towards attaining some goal. One or more cases may be produced from every use case, matching to the detail of every possible way of attaining that goal.
iv) Prototyping: An imitation of some to every project aspect that permits users to assess developers proposals for the design of the ultimate product by trying them out.
Project name
Job market
National center
New York
Project manager name
Project description
Easy jobs for students
Assoc ID
Customer needs
Functional requirements
Technical specification
Q7.Process involved in scope management article summary
Scope management entails five processes. The initial process is planning of the projects scope by determining the tasks to be involved in the project as well as the outcome of the project.
Secondly, one has to define the scope by coming up with a scope statement. This scope statement gives an analysis of the details deliverables, product, explains the project approach, produces estimates, lists stakeholders and lists project controls (Kassab, Ormandjieva, Daneva, & Abran, 2007). Thirdly, the work breakdown structure (WBS) is created. This is a graphical representation of all work that requires to be done in the lifecycle of a project. It helps in for easy task assigning and action items. Once the WBS has been made, all scope statement updates should be made.
Fourthly, scope verification is done by gaining acceptance of the scope statement by the project stakeholders. Information included in scope statement, the scope management plan, and WBS is analyzed and verified in order to avoid surprises in the project lifecycle (Kassab, Ormandjieva, Daneva, & Abran, 2007).Lastly, scope control is executed. Scope control methods entails change management policies, re-planning policies, scrutiny of variance of the project scope as implemented from the project scope, and management of the conditions of the deliverables employed. Scope control assists in assuring that scope creep, a large threat to project management achievement, does not happen.
Kassab, M., Ormandjieva, O., Daneva, M., & Abran, A. (2007). Towards a Scope Management of Non-Functional Requirements in Requirements Engineering. Applied Physics Letters. Read More
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Project Scope Mangement Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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