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Scope management (project management) - Case Study Example

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A set of these requirements were suggested by Coley Consulting Group. The group generalizes a well-written solution requirement into three major headings. Under each heading,…
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Scope management (project management)
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Download file to see previous pages This is because an incomplete requirement cannot be functionally expected and useful to users. A well communicating requirement is also expected to be clear. By this, it is important to do the writing in plain language that is easy for any person to read and deduce meaning from them. What is more, consistence is needed for effective communication. By consistency, reference is being made to the need to ensure that the requirements do not deviate from a course that has already been started (quote). This is because once there is no consistency, the validity of the requirement becomes suspected. It is also important to ensure that the requirement has enough control. First, proper control is gained when the requirement is well chosen with its content. What this means is that the requirements must not have what can easily be excluded included in it. It should also be possible to trace every point under the requirements if the requirement can gain the needed control as chaseable. Still under control, those making the requirements ought to factor the need to seek every form of certification needed. Finally, the construction of the requirement must be well factored. Here, it is expected that the project having the requirement must have such as a scope that can be considered as achievable and feasible (quote). It is when this happens that the requirement can be said to be credible. Lastly, the requirements must be clean by defining only logical structure and decisions about physical design (Coley Consulting Group).
There are a number of common problems faced when writing requirements. Hooks and Kristin (1) noted that most project managers have had four major challenges or problems with their requirement. The first of this has to do with selecting what should be included so that the requirements will be seen as needful. The second problem has to do with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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