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Effective Time Management - Research Paper Example

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The present essay "Effective Time Management" dwells on the significance of time management. As the author puts it, some prior activities like preparation before execution of the project could affect time management and effectively the productivity…
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Effective Time Management
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Extract of sample "Effective Time Management"

Download file to see previous pages Productivity, delivery, and success of a project are aspects that are determined by earlier plans and management in the project resources, scope, and other factors. When the initiation, planning, and execution are successfully achieved and controlled, then the completion phase which gives the end product, quality delivery, and success in the general project is attained without crisis. There are many factors that influence all these activities, but with effective time management every crisis is managed and the positive factors are used to perfect the project accomplishment. Badiru identifies the eight functional areas that embody project management practice; scope, time, quality, cost, communication, human resources, contract, and the risk that have to be managed for their influence in project implementation, productivity, and successful delivery. Other factors affecting success are leadership and organization. With effective time management, the management allocates not only the activities the required time to be performed, but finds quality time to assess the project progress; this is because time management allows one to become flexible enough, being where or doing what one is required to do at the right time. Divakar and Subramanian classify the critical success factors as strategic and tactical (personnel selection and training, and client consultation). Basically, the effort, plans, and motivations set in the process of planning projects determine the final actions complete it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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