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Effective Time Management - Using the Four-quadrant Model - Essay Example

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The paper "Effective Time Management - Using the Four-quadrant Model" highlights that procrastination is the thief of time. Imperative activities should be completed first to avoid poor time management. Planning ahead is the best tactic for effective time management. …
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Effective Time Management - Using the Four-quadrant Model
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Extract of sample "Effective Time Management - Using the Four-quadrant Model"

 Importance and urgency are measured by the amount of time spent on a particular activity. Failure to manage time results in activities overlapping each other; to be more precise, poor time management leads to procrastination. Classifying activities into the four-quadrant model is the basic step to scrutinizing the urgency and importance of the daily activities undertaken. Using the four-quadrant model, I was able to categorize my major activities as: urgent and important (quadrant one), not urgent and important (quadrant two), urgent and not important (quadrant three), and not urgent and not important (quadrant four). I tracked down eight activities through the week that consumed at least one and a half hours every session. Using the four quadrant model, the activities can be classified as
Quadrant 1; Urgent and important: Music practice
Quadrant 2; Not urgent and important: Studying and exercising
Quadrant 3; Urgent and not important: Reading and writing health journals
Quadrant 4; Not urgent and not important: Online chatting
The classification was enabled by calculating the amount of time that each grid consumed. Quadrants 1,2,3,4 consumed two hours, three hours, one and a half hours, and two hours respectively. The grid revealed to me that I spent more time online chatting than I thought. I was surprised by the amount of time I devoted to activities that were of self-interest. The music practice was urgent and important for the forthcoming schools’ music festival. I noticed that I attached little value to the practice as compared to the other members, regardless of its short timeframe.
Activity is important if it comprises of long-term strategies and personal development. Important activities are those that contribute to health and wellness. Music practice, studying, and exercising were the most important activities for the past week. I am passionate about those activities since they stimulate personal development. Music, studying and exercising form my hobbies list in my résumé. They are activities that propel my long-term goals of personal development; and success. Read More
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