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The development program for graduate students - Research Paper Example

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In order to identify who needs to be trained, first a research needs to be conducted regarding what factors distinguish a trained instructor of undergraduate program from those instructors who are untrained for this position (Holton 8). Various types of data should be examined…
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The development program for graduate students
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Training In order to identify who needs to be trained, first a research needs to be conducted regarding what factors distinguish a trained instructor of undergraduate program from those instructors who are untrained for this position (Holton 8). Various types of data should be examined while deciding whether it is essential to provide training or not. Firstly, survey through questionnaires should be floated among current students to figure out the skills that instructors lack in teaching undergraduate students. Students are the best source of information as they are in direct contact with the teacher/instructor and they are well aware of the issues experienced by instructors. For example: students can help in figuring out whether the communication skills of instructors are of desired standard by rating how easily they understand what their instructors are teaching. Students can even help in figuring out whether the instructor has the analytical skills and the experience required to teach a particular subject to the undergraduate sections. Secondly, the instructors can themselves provide insight regarding the issues they experience while teaching students. Thirdly, grades of students in their exams can even help identify whether the students are able to understand the teacher or not. While determining who to train, it is necessary to figure out who lack the skills require teaching. If both the future as well as the current instructors lacks those skills, they should be trained. Those teachers whose students are not getting good grades plus those teachers who are rated low in the context of classroom communication and students understanding should even be trained.
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Holton, Derek Allan. The Teaching and learning of mathematics at university level: an ICMI Study. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2001. Print. Read More
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