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Learned Values - Research Paper Example

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Please discuss the following three concepts: value of examining employee responsibilities; value of having appropriate leadership processes in place to effectively initiate change and the value of imposing change
It is essential to outlay the responsibilities of employees…
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Learned Values
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Extract of sample "Learned Values"

1. Please discuss the following three concepts: value of examining employee responsibilities; value of having appropriate leadership processes in place to effectively initiate change and the value of imposing change
2. How can these concepts help you in your current or future position?
The Importance of Examining Employees’ Responsibilities
It is essential to outlay the responsibilities of employees when effecting change in an organization. If all employees are aware of the role they play in the process, they can easily adopt the changes. In addition, employees are able to embrace and even actuate the change. Allocation of responsibilities ensures adequate allotment of resources to avoid wastage. Giving each employee responsibilities also creates accountability. It ensures that each employee increases or maintains productivity to avoid being held accountable (Hotho, 2008).
Proper leadership ensures appropriate execution of the desired changes. Leaders should have diverse change management roles. The leaders employed in the management of change should include executives, senior managers, a middle management team, change management resource team and a project team. Their roles should overlap to ensure a smooth transition to the new systems. Having proper leadership also ensures employment fears are addressed, and expectations managed (Beerel, 2009). In addition, it ensures equal allocation of resources in all stages of change. This is because successful leaders deal with tangible processes. They ensure the organization prepares for the change, the right mix of skills is available, and the implementation process is successful.
Change is essential in an organization, whether it is downsizing, layoffs, or expansion. This is because of the dynamic changes in the world, such as the economy, that changes the dynamics of an organization. According to Andrews & Margaret (2008), it is vital to impose change to ensure an organization maintains productivity and relevance.
How Can These Concepts Help You in Your Current or Future Position?
The concepts ensure one is aware that change is necessary to benefit the organization. They enable me ascertain whether I can effectively influence and perceive change. The concept of effective leadership gives a clear view on the significant role that leaders play to ensure successful implementation of change.
Andrews, Jane. Cameron, Helen. Harris, Margaret, (2008), All change? Managers’ experience of organizational change in theory and practice. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 21(3), 300-314. Retrieved from Emerald March 8, 2013.
Beerel, A. C. (2009). Leadership and change management. Los Angeles: SAGE.
Hotho, Sabine. (2008). Linking changing professional identity and changing professions. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 21(6), 721-742.
Retrieved from Emerald March 8, 2013 Read More
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Learned Values Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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