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Bad Leadership versus Quality Leadership on Celebrity Apprentice - Essay Example

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This paper "Bad Leadership versus Quality Leadership on Celebrity Apprentice" focuses on the fact that La Toya Jackson is a prime example of dismal leadership. A quality leader is one that works cooperatively with subordinates and colleagues. They pay attention to follower’s psychological needs. …
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Bad Leadership versus Quality Leadership on Celebrity Apprentice
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Extract of sample "Bad Leadership versus Quality Leadership on Celebrity Apprentice"

Constant bickering and lack of consensus about direction. This conflict was borne of La Toya Jackson's inferior emotional intelligence. In fact, she proclaimed that Star Jones was evil, illustrating her poor leadership characteristics.

Marlee Matlin, the deaf star contestant in 2011, was an individual with superior leadership skills. Matlin observed many disputes occurring between her colleagues, but simply chose to distance herself from it and bring it to her superior’s attention: Donald Trump. A quality leader understands chain of command and does not overstep their authority or fuel even further conflict. Matlin was very courteous to her team members throughout the entire season, often using soft language to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential. This is another trademark of a very competent leader to be able to use charisma and inspirational dialogue to gain loyalty. Marlee Matlin also publicly praised her most fierce competitor, John Rich, which illustrated the necessary respect for others common in quality leaders. At the same time, Matlin always tried to help others, showing that she thought their opinions and talents were valuable to the team.  Read More
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