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The Concept of Organizational Culture and Its Importance to Any Twenty-First Business Organization - Essay Example

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The essay examines the organizational culture and its importance to any twenty-first business organization. Organizational culture is “a system of shared meaning” that the members of an organization hold and that distinguishes the organization from the other organizations…
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The Concept of Organizational Culture and Its Importance to Any Twenty-First Business Organization
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Organizational Culture and Its Importance to Any Twenty-First Business Organization"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that organizational culture cannot be explained via a rigid definition. It is something that emerges naturally through the conduct of the individuals in an organization and the way they transform themselves.  Change is an integral part of life. Thus businesses are also not excluded from the process of change. Change is the way forward to innovation, achievement and to growth. Managing change is an important task for the managerial personnel in any growth-oriented organization. Experts acknowledge the fact that “change is a task fraught with complexity and challenge”. Completing the change management process successfully is a challenging process and intense. The simplest starting point is to try and gain a superior understanding of the problems faced by the organization and identify the variables that are at the cause of these problems. The leaders face various kinds of complexities while they tackle organizational change. They are required to “envision the content of change”, handle the distinctive features of the process of change; collaborate with the tumultuous process that is going on worldwide, adapt with the stunning technological advancements and employ the dynamic workforce intelligently to fulfill the profit maximization objective. Change management deals with the notion of change and the keys to the approaches to managing change. Culture has been regarded as a metaphor for an organization which is innovative and helps in developing new forms of understanding. A metaphor lets one view an entity in the perspective of another. A metaphoric representation tends to hint that we think of an organization as a culture. By taking organizations as a culture (organization ‘is’ a culture) one might understand the activities and orientation of the organization better and the nature, behavior, and performance of people in their organizational lives and positions of decision-making. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Concept of Organizational Culture and Its Importance to Any Essay.
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