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Personality Characteristics in Organizations - Essay Example

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Personally, this is definitely considered true because attitude has been found to affect not only how a person performs in a workplace but it also affects how one deals with…
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Personality Characteristics in Organizations
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Extract of sample "Personality Characteristics in Organizations"

Full Improving Through Organizational Behavior It is said that personality characteristics can determine the success of a person’s career development. Personally, this is definitely considered true because attitude has been found to affect not only how a person performs in a workplace but it also affects how one deals with other people and circumstances. For instance, having self-efficacy, I was able to perform well in activities that were new to me because I believed that everything can be learned if I have the interest to do so. I believe that I have the abilities and capabilities to learn new things because I have talents that I know could be useful in every endeavor and I know there are still talents inside of me that still need to be discovered. In line with this, I also have high self-esteem which I believe carries be through every difficulty I face. My evaluations of myself are positive. Of course I commit mistakes however I do not take those negatively like it is almost the end of the world for me. Rather, I take those mistakes as parts of my learning so that in similar occasions, I would know what must be done. Sometimes, I can also be deeply affected by failures but I think I am quite resilient, able to encourage myself to face life’s challenges and become better each day. I guess I give credit to self-monitoring about this positive outlook that I have about myself. I have the tendency of evaluating my performances, reviewing the events of the day in my mind and thinking how I should have acted or reacted. Consequently, I tend to have more and more improvements as I live each day. Nevertheless, I also tend to overdo self-monitoring which leads me to expect too much from myself. Extreme self-esteem and self-efficacy also make me inclined to be overpowering so I have to work hard to control these positive traits I have. Read More
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