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Barriers of Communication - Essay Example

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In the business context, communication’s structure determines how well the audience perceives business communication (Hopkins, 2011). Overcoming barriers to…
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Barriers of Communication
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Extract of sample "Barriers of Communication"

Barriers of Communication In the contemporary age, one of the key barriers that organizations need to overcome is the barriers to communication. In the business context, communication’s structure determines how well the audience perceives business communication (Hopkins, 2011). Overcoming barriers to communication is extremely important because free flow of communication across all channels in an organization is fundamental to the development of understanding and harmony among the organizational personnel and constant updating of the work status.
The extremely dynamic nature of circumstances and both micro- and macro-cultural factors make change inevitable for any organization. In the time when every organization is trying hard to gain competitive advantage, appropriate use of time is one of the factors that makes a difference and provides an organization with an edge over the others (Grasso, Golen, and Burns, 2005, p. 37). Overcoming barriers to communication not only saves time, but it also makes it easier for the management to implement any kind of change any time, and saves the resources that are otherwise consumed in conveying information.
The most detrimental barriers to the achievement of goals and objectives vary from one organization to another depending upon a range of factors. These factors include but are not limited to the location of organization, its culture, the size and nature of business, and the socio-economic circumstances prevailing in the region. To identify its most detrimental barriers, an organization should review its past performance and trace the roots of the problems that it has encountered. For some organizations, it might be barriers to communication, whereas for others, it might be barriers to change, lack of funds, or culture shock.
Grasso, L. P., Golen, S. P., and Burns, A. (2005). Managerial Perceptions of Barriers to Internal
Corporate Communication Within and Across Hierarchical Levels. ABEA Journal. 24: 37-58.
Hopkins, L. (2011). Organizational communication barriers. Retrieved from Read More
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