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Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization - Assignment Example

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This paper "Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization" focuses on an organization responsible for the opening of trades across the world. Governments of different countries are part of this organization and are responsible to make negotiations on agreements of trade.  …
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Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization
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Extract of sample "Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization"

Download file to see previous pages These negotiations were held under GATT or General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. In the present times, there are new negotiations that the WTO is involved into under the ‘Doha Development Agenda’ instigated in the year 2001 (Understanding the WTO - Who we are, 2012).
Countries, in general, encounter several challenges and problems while performing activities of trade across different countries. Thus negotiations and effective rules are required that are maintained by the WTO. Also, trade barriers are maintained by the rules that are set by the WTO, helping to protect consumers of such trade activities (Understanding the WTO - Who we are, 2012). The present study focuses on the work of the WTO and to analyze the impact that it has on world trade. Thus the study would analyze the outcomes of the various summits that have taken place since the end of the Second World War and consider the impact they have had on world trade.
For this particular study, interpretivism research philosophy has been found to be applicable for this particular research study as it combines diverse approaches together and tries to understand the world as it is experienced (Collins, 2010, pp.38-39). The study has been based on qualitative research technique that involves the description of the types and qualities of people or events without expressing them in the form of numerical figures (Thomas, 2003, pp.1-2). The collection of data for the study has been dependent on secondary sources, thus involving sources that present studies and findings of earlier researchers and information that are already available concerning the topic of study (Malhotra, 2008, p.106). Thus books and authenticated internet articles, the website of WTO have been included in this study to learn about the works of the WTO, and their effects on world trade. While including such study materials, ethical factors have also been kept significantly under focus and the credibility of the sources have also been checked.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization Assignment.
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