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Discuss distributive justice and procedural justice. Explain how managers can use these concepts - Essay Example

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In organizations it is important for the management to ensure that all workings taking place in the organization in the required and the environment of the firm is pleasant so that all employees give in their best performance. There should be organizational justice prevailing in…
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Discuss distributive justice and procedural justice. Explain how managers can use these concepts
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Extract of sample "Discuss distributive justice and procedural justice. Explain how managers can use these concepts"

Distributive justice and procedural justice In organizations it is important for the management to ensure that all workings taking place in the organization in the required and the environment of the firm is pleasant so that all employees give in their best performance. There should be organizational justice prevailing in the environment such as distributive justice as well as procedural justice in the business organization. A just organization is able to succeed in recruiting and retaining talented and skilled employees for their organization.
Distributive justice in an organization means that the employees are dealt in an equal manner in terms of paying employees salaries without any biasness with other employees, the working hours of the employees, the basis of promotion, the rewards and bonuses offered to employees are all on an equal basis. No one employee is favored over another employee in this type of justice (Masterson et al, 750).
Procedural justice in an organization means that the managers are making decisions in the firm on grounds of fair dealing. All legal, ethical, social and other issues are considered while the manager decides upon any certain organization issue. The employees are concerned about the reasons behind any decision (Bakshi, Kumar and Rani, 150).
It is important for managers to demonstrate both distributive and procedural justice in organizations so that employees remain satisfied with the organization. Talented and skilled employees may leave the organization if they feel that they are being unfairly treated and also they may be unsatisfied with the organization’s decision making. Hence managers can use both these concepts of distributive justice and procedural justice in ensuring that they manage their workforce successfully.
Satisfied employees tend to perform according to the goals and objectives of the organization. If employees know that they would be treated fairly and they know that the decisions made by the managers are on fair grounds then the level of motivation for employees in working hard boosts immensely. If managers are evaluating the performances of the employees on personal terms and then they are violating the standard regulations of the organization, and this way there is no justice prevailing in the organization. Employees may not be loyal to the firm.
Managers need to design standard pay and policies of promotion and accordingly reward the employee on their performance. If a low performing employee has been given promotion then this may cause employees to be highly dissatisfied with the firm as the decisions made are not fair in the work environment.
Unfair decision making and unfair treatment of employees by the managers may cause frustration in the behavior of employees; they may be irritated with their colleagues and hence may not perform according to the requirements of the firm. If managers behave in a fair and equal way with all their employees then the employees may develop a good image of the organization, the employees may become a dedicated and loyal workforce for a fair organization and a dedicated workforce may allow the organization to gain a strong competitive advantage.
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