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To What Extent Does Corporate Social Responsibility Increase Profitability - Research Paper Example

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This paper entails corporate social responsibility and its significance towards enhancing the profitability of a business organization. CSR is in the business environment and it has become a concerning issue for most of the organizations operating its business activities worldwide…
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To What Extent Does Corporate Social Responsibility Increase Profitability
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Extract of sample "To What Extent Does Corporate Social Responsibility Increase Profitability"

Download file to see previous pages As the research topic suggests the primary aim and objective of this research study would be to find out various means through which CSR activities followed by business organizations can help to increase its revenue generation and thereby increasing its profits as well. The main objective of any organization is to maximize the wealth of its stakeholders. However, it has been observed that most of the firms are mostly concerned about their shareholders and undertakes different activities which lead to the increasing value of its shareholders.
CSR has had a renewed attention in recent times mainly because of the facts that apart from shareholders different other stakeholders of the company like its creditors, customers and the external environment of the firm as a whole are having a significant impact caused by the various activities carried on by the business firms. CSR has become a means of sustainability for most of the organizations which can lead to its growth and development in future. Hence this research study would try to find out the relationship between CSR and profitability of a company and how CSR activities can lead to the increase in its profitability.
2. Literature ReviewThe literature review section of this research study would try to find out the existing literature in the field of corporate social responsibility. Moreover, it would also try to find out what the researchers have to say regarding the relationship of CSR and profitability of a company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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