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Ragged Dick by Alger - Essay Example

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It followed the rise of poor bootblacks to middle class in New York City. The tale had a favorable reception after publication. The story has been considered a puerile fantasy in regards of social class…
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Ragged Dick by Alger
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Extract of sample "Ragged Dick by Alger"

Ragged Dick Introduction After publication, the Ragged Dick novel, become Alger’s bestseller. It followed the rise of poor bootblacks to middle class in New York City. The tale had a favorable reception after publication. The story has been considered a puerile fantasy in regards of social class assimilation. The book is about Hero ragged Dick a homeless bootblack, fourteen years old. He is known to as an honest boy with respect to every person. The boy is spent thrift but also industrial and generous, willing to share whatever he has with others. The novel also teaches people to avoid discrimination and encourages the poor to work hard.
One day, Mr. Whitney put Frank into Dick’s charge in order to be given a tour of the New York City while he attended business. Frank gave out a new suit to Dick, and he replaced the rags he wore. When Dick took a bath and dressed, he compared himself with Cinderella. During the tour, Frank gets impressed of Dick’s street smartness and quick wit. As a result, he encourages him to go back to school. Throughout the tour, the two shares stories about the rags to riches and commercials and political celebrities. In many occasion, Dick is accused of theft but goes free because of his natural likeability and wit. In the next day, Dick is accused of rising above his station by Mickey Maguire. At the first time, Dick confounds Mickey with wit, but when things turn violent he beats and chases him away. Henry, an orphan young boy, who faced harassment for a long time by Mickey witness the actions. Dick likes Henry and lets him stay in his room after retuning from night lessons of writing, reading and mathematics.
Another day, Mr. Grayson, a former customer, invited the two boys for dinner. During their visit, the man’s daughter, Ida was attracted to Dick due to his wit and Likeability. In return to their house, they found that Jim had stolen Dick’s bank book. The clerks had recognized Dick by face due to frequent deposit and Jim was arrested on arrival. The two boys searched for better paying job for a long time without success. One day, as they took a trip on the ferry, a young boy fell into the river. The father promised to reward who will rescue the boy. Dick being an excellent swimmer rescued the boy. The man rewarded Dick with a better job in a wealth industry.
Dick was courageous, and he used his qualities to achieve his goals and objectives. He always accepted his situation, and this made him rise from one level to another. He was caring and concerned about other people has he agreed to stay with Henry. He always used his skills to earn a living. Through swimming, he managed to change from poverty to wealth.
Dick was brave and used the skills he had to make achievements. This story teaches people to use the skills they have instead of depending on others.
Work Cited
Horatio Alger, Jr. Ragged Dick. United States: A. K. Loring Publishers, 1868. Print. Read More
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Ragged Dick by Alger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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