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Drug testing ( stated int he attachment for more info) - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the practice of drug testing in employee selection process conducted across globe which is on the rise in the recent years to make sure they do not face problems afterwards. According to different studies conducted, “it has been found that those persons…
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Drug testing ( stated int he attachment for more info)
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Extract of sample "Drug testing ( stated int he attachment for more info)"

Download file to see previous pages Mandatory testing has been done especially in industries of public transport and those involving public safety.
Many organizations insist on drug testing before recruiting employees. In the contemporary era, it has become a necessary procedure of employment, to the extent that any job candidate that does not wish to donate himself for such test is ‘ab initio’ disqualified for the job. Hence, it becomes questionable if the organization is not using the employees as means to an end.
The ethical issue of drug testing in selecting lies in the principle of privacy. The ethical principal of privacy states that the individual have the right to his private life without any interference whether from another individual and the state. Universally, the individual is imbued with the natural right to his privacy. This simply means that no body, whether corporate or individual has the right to probe the privacy of an individual. Some people argue that this right is not absolute; that when the issue in question affects the general public, the right might be re-considered. This might be the caveat in which the principle of drug testing in selection rests.
Another ethical principle that sequels the right to privacy is the principle of autonomy. Every individual has autonomy as a person. The autonomy which an individual has is assumed to be above any other issue. The principle of autonomy which the individual has stems from the ethical principle of Human Dignity and right in the community.
The conflict is indeed between the organizations goal to make money through business and the employee’s right to his private life. Is it morally right for the organization to invade the privacy of the employee’s to maximize profits? There are many voices in this regard. Hence, the nagging issue is the ethical principle in various workplaces can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Testing ( Stated Int He Attachment for More Info) Research Paper.
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