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Askweek8 - Essay Example

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As the human resource manager of ABC Company, you understand that information systems security is an important aspect of information technology and management. How do you handle clients who want to use your wireless network in their laptops without compromising in security and…
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International business ethics Number: Lecturer: First scenario As the human resource manager of ABC Company, you understand that information systems security is an important aspect of information technology and management. How do you handle clients who want to use your wireless network in their laptops without compromising in security and at the same time having a good image in the end? I will ensure that they understand the company policy that regards security. I will advise them that they will have their gadgets vetted by information security professionals before they use the network.
In what ways can various internet sites affect the way employees interact with their seniors? With proper company culture, there is assured and responsible use of the internet and social sites. The culture of internet use is growing, and all employees have been taught on responsible use of the internet.
With collaboration taking a toll in business communication, interaction with the neighbors is fading away, how do you handle constant interaction with the neighbors? We ensure that, in every recruiting process, we undertake we have people from the surrounding communities. We also have community services that ensure that the community is well kept. We have established programs that help the community in their lives (Lange, 2012).
How do you deal with the need to make profits, and at the same time the need to satisfy staff promotions, and increase in their pay? We understand that a good workforce will result in increased productivity. This is something we bank on, and we understand that the best way to have a productive workforce is to have them satisfied in their work. The only way to achieve this is to have a better pay.
Second scenario
Do you think you company will benefits if they integrate their mode of operation with international standards? I believe that we are growing as a company, and there are many benefits, which we will see if we adopt international standards. I believe that we should emulate what have been set by world organizations and as a way of doing the right thing.
We are required to adopt cultures that will auger well with international standards, are this policy adopted in your place of work? We have done all the necessary to ensure that all international requirements have been met. There are some which we have not undertaken but we are doing all we can, to ensure that we adopt them. The reason why we have not adopted them is not because we are not willing to, but because these polices are new.
Are there any advantages that come with adopting international mode of work? It will enable us to venture to new markets.
Do you consider your company successful in ensuring that their adoption of international code of ethics integrates well with the internal and external code of ethics? This is something that we are struggling to beat. We are sure that we will be able to have these environments integrate well. We have started this process from a bottom-up approach so that everyone is involved in the process.
Which other areas do you think international code of ethics should be applied? Do you think your company has exhausted all the areas that these standards should be applied?
What have you done to ensure that there is no ethical dilemma ensuing because of a conflict of interest with the surrounding environment?
Lange, D 2012, ‘Understanding attributions of corporate social responsibility’, Academy of Management Review, Vol 37, No 2, Pg 300-326. [Online], Available from Read More
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Askweek8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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