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The Manager of Human Resources of ABC Company - Essay Example

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In the report “The Manager of Human Resources of ABC Company” the author describes his first function as the manager of human resources, which is to recruit the 60 employees needed to service the new client. He should first identify the vacancies and prepare the job description…
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The Manager of Human Resources of ABC Company
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Extract of sample "The Manager of Human Resources of ABC Company"

Download file to see previous pages Aside from the job posting in the office, I will also advertise in leading newspapers or via the internet recruitment sites. The next step is managing the response. We at HR will collect all the resumes submitted. After compilation of all the resumes of the job applicants, we shall shortlist the applicants to around 120. This is done by comparing each resume with the requirements of the employee specification. Our goal here is to determine the most qualified candidates to schedule in-person interviews. The next step in the recruitment process is the job interviews. The job interview will be clearly designed and agreed upon between our department and the line management. The aim of the interview is to discover the candidate who meets the requirements and fits best the corporate culture and the department. The panel will use the same set of questions with each interviewee. During this stage, the interview panelists will evaluate the relevant skills and experiences of the applicants. We shall also explore their interests in pursuing a career with our company. The interview process is essential in learning about the past accomplishments and achievements of the applicants. A part of the interview will also give the applicant a brief introduction about our company. This is necessary so that the applicant will also know whether he will fit in the organization. The interview will also include a selection test. ...
will then be subjected to reference checks and a comprehensive background investigation, before an offer of employment is extended by our department. A verbal offer is then made to the candidate and if he agrees to it, a written offer is made. The written offer will specify the position and the compensation. The successful candidates will be required to submit the necessary documents and the other appointment formalities will be discussed. I foresee that the recruitment and hiring process will take around one month and two weeks. The next challenge to me is the training of the newly accepted employees. I realize that new employees usually feel anxiety and excitement during the first few days of their employment. I believe that training for these new recruits should, therefore, harness their enthusiasm, reduce their fears and direct their energy. An induction training will be conducted for the new recruits. The induction training will include general training, mandatory training, job training and the training evaluation. In the general training, the new recruits will be introduced to the organization, which includes our vision, mission, values, philosophies and the history and structure of the company. This is where I will emphasize how much our company values customer satisfaction and quality service. This training will be handled directly by the HR department and will take one day to accomplish. The next step in the induction training is the mandatory training which will also be handled by the HR department. This encompasses the corporate policies and business processes. It will also include the health and safety requirements as well as some of the legalities of the organization.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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