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Chapter13 - Essay Example

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This, however, is the nature of most of the companies operational today. Though it has never crossed my mind before, I would not mind taking a leadership position in such a company. This is because running away…
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Extract of sample "Chapter13"

Task: Organizational Behavior Certain companies have highly controversial products or services. This, however, is the natureof most of the companies operational today. Though it has never crossed my mind before, I would not mind taking a leadership position in such a company. This is because running away from such responsibility does not reflect self righteousness but cowardice. A clear example would be the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. A leadership position in such a company puts one at the limelight over their ethical standings. However, it is common knowledge today that consumption of tobacco products is harmful, and each should take responsibility for their own actions. Moreover, warnings against excessive use of such products are particularly explicit.
One need not blame anyone based on ethics or even morality. One should always weigh the facts and not develop a mindset that may hurt their skills as leaders in any organizational setting.
Negotiations are fundamental for the peaceful coexistence of nations. This is because its main objective is to come up with a win-win situation out of a conflict. Deception, evasiveness, or collusion are simply out of bounds during negotiations. This is because there is no scale against which these vices are to be weighed to create a limit beyond which they become unacceptable. Further, these vices misguide negotiations to reach a premature deal that cannot stand.
Legality of a tactic in negotiations has no bearing on whether it is ethical or not. This is because, though the aim of negotiation is striking a balance, it hardly comes to that as each party always aims at achieving what is best for them. These tactics, therefore, come in handy for them to fool the other into believing that their stand is the best for both of them.
Contrary to common belief, it is not naive to be entirely honest during negotiations. This is because full disclosure of facts is the best point to start. A clear statement of the facts also creates an environment that allows parties to evaluate their options. Impartiality helps them come up with suitable solutions that fully take care of their interests. Deception often makes a party wary of some topics during the negotiations, and this renders the whole affair futile.
Rules that govern negotiations are not unique as they are objective and aim to satisfy those pertinent to the negotiation in utmost good faith. Negotiations adhere to common law. Adjustments take place in accordance with morality and ethics; social justice.
The involvement of the law, morality, and ethics clearly show that not all tactics are acceptable in negotiations. Certain tactics would only amount to fraud and should be shunned.
Impression management may not be the same as lying, but this does not make it any less of a concern. This is because fabrication of such lies quenches the situation pending discovery. When the discovery takes place, which happens eventually, they prove to be detrimental. An individual should always maintain their true self as personality affects satisfaction and performance.
Excuses are never the way forward during a tough situation. They may be effective in ridding us of the blame, but in the long run, they become a bother to ones conscience and often affect productivity. In essence, we only procrastinate a potential danger when we give the most effective excuses. One should always own up as this is a measure of responsibility and a manifestation of a strong character.
Conflict resolution is a quality that both employees and employers should have. This is because, in every organizational setting, conflicts arise. These may either be functional or dysfunctional. Functional conflicts are welcome as it builds the company. Dysfunctional conflicts taint the image of a company. It arises due to distrust and witch-hunt. It is also particularly common. Dysfunctional conflicts can be made functional only if one of the parties in conflict brings to light all the facts and create understanding without prospective gain. This is difficult yet necessary. Complete trust may be hard to attain, but that moment of heightened distrust presents an opportunity for a start.
Work Cited
Cole, Gerald A. Organizational Research: Theory and Practice. London: Thomson Learning, 2005, Print. Read More
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(Chapter13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Chapter13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Chapter13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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