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Wolfgang keller at konigsbrau-TAK - Essay Example

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After reading the case, Brodsky comes up as an intelligent, analytical and mature person. He shows the ability to delegate authority to subordinates. In his performance, there was a reflection of his good business schooling,…
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Wolfgang keller at konigsbrau-TAK
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Extract of sample "Wolfgang keller at konigsbrau-TAK"

Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau TAK a. What is your assessment of Brodsky’s performance? Please be specific.  Brodsky joined Konigbrau TAK as a commercial director. After reading the case, Brodsky comes up as an intelligent, analytical and mature person. He shows the ability to delegate authority to subordinates. In his performance, there was a reflection of his good business schooling, a very formal commercial director. He detests personal relations with employees and customers, strictly professional demeanor in which he conducts business.
There are certain traits that would not make him my ideal leadership. For instance, he doesn’t lead by example, a man who appears to be orthodox to the core. Moreover, he does only what is necessary and not an inch more. He is not a man that would add extra value to his work out of passion, a man who doesn’t go beyond the call of duty.
b. How effective has Keller been as a coach to Brodsky? Why? Could you have done better? Why and How?
Keller has been an excellent coach to Brodsky in correctly pointing out his flaws and correcting them. Coaching someone requires precise measuring of a person to identify the flaws and then mold them. Keller rightly points out that Brodsky is too slow in taking effective action, and this habit of his affects overall performance of Brodsky as manager. The position that Brodsky works at requires not only robotic, repetitive work but requires abrupt changes in schedule and Keller realizes that Brodsky can’t handle tight deadlines. This shows when there is a change in formula or the brand.
Distant management style of Brodsky does annoy Keller and he points it out. Keller also spots that Brodsky is least proactive, a quality that is very much needed in these competing business environment.
c. What are the underlying causes of Brodsky’s performance problems? What actions should Keller take upon returning to Kiev? Be specific. 
There can be many actions that Keller can revert to upon returning to Kiev, however a certain pattern of actions can be taken that would serve the company in the long term. Keller is not supposed to fire Brodsky, as finding a replacement would be much harder and expensive than working on the current commercial director. Clearly there are many issues that Keller is having with Brodsky but he has the potential to improve as he possesses the right skills for this, only a little polishing is required.
Reorganizing around Brodsky would sound better but it is not profitable. Market movements and competition don’t revolve around people. They have a mind of their own, its the company people that need to depend on the movement and adjust their actions accordingly. Split marketing and sales is a better option as it will help adjust to the business environment as well as adjustments within the work area. This would require giving Brodsky another chance, and a chance to improve performance.
d. What are the implications for Keller’s own development as a leader?
Keller is a Harvard graduate and has vast experience in his field. The implications for Keller’s own development as a leader have been nothing short of remarkable. Handling difficult people like Brodsky is a real test for the leadership which Keller performs exceptionally well. He has a ‘hands on’ approach towards leading people and he leads from the front with example. For these abilities, he can carve a diamond out of the rough leadership skills of Brodsky.
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Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-TAK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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