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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Essay Example

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This paper encompasses a discussion on the movie "Amadeus". This movie is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his mysterious death. It also includes the details of his extraordinary life and personality. This discussion will include an examination of his personality and what made him tick as both a man and a musician…
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Extract of sample "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"

Download file to see previous pages There are many that content this movie depicts a rather inaccurate picture of the genius's life. However, there are many that contend it is not so accurate. This paper will discuss Mozart as he is presented in the film however true to life it may be. No matter how accurate the historical bits are, one cannot deny that Mozart was a truly driven and exotic person. The film tells the incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his story is one that is truly incredible. After viewing the movie, it becomes apparent that the dynamic of Mozart's personality was competition and a drive for perfection. In this case, it was his music that drove him however, there are points in the movie that display his fierce competitions and aim for perfection applied to so many parts of his life it is difficult to distinguish that music was his primary drive after all.
The plot of this movie is far deeper than simply telling the history or life story of Amadeus. Rather it shows the man he was and his eccentric nature and his gift for music. The characters in the film are adorned in lavish costumes that seem almost outlandish at times. The relevance of this is that the costumes in the movie have much in common with the man that the movie is about. Mozart was a showman and he was without a doubt one of the best musicians that has ever lived and it is no secret that he was outlandish in his behaviors at times. In fact, one might argue, most of the time.
The plot shows his rivalry and it certainly illustrates his drive and fierce competitions. The plot is developed well in this film, which is a highly regarded film even to this day. The story flows and the characters are relevant to the end of the film. The film deals mainly with Mozart but it includes many different aspects of his life. The film is not one that is dedicated solely to his musical talent. In the end, it can be said that in order to fully understand Mozart's music one has to truly understand the person. This film gives a presentation of him as a person and one that is driven to the point of insanity.
Of course, the plot leads up to his mysterious death that leaves the viewer wondering if they actually really learned anything about the man at all. The movie does a good job of establishing that Mozart had an eccentric personality and shows his competitive and rivalries side. In the film there is a lot of Mozart's music included which makes it nice. Nice in the respect that the music is lovely to listen to and nice in the respect that the viewer can listen to the music while watching the man himself and can correlate the two. amount of Mozart's music, and does so in a way An example of this is when the insane and enfeebled Antonio Salieri's reminisces on the sheer beauty of Mozart's compositions, we hear music to match his words, "And there... an oboe, high and unwavering... until a clarinet takes over, and forms a phrase of such longing..." The effect is deeply moving. (Forman 1986)
Examples of this collaboration of music and picture are many; when Mozart swaggers through the streets of Vienna taking swigs from a bottle of wine, we hear a jolly piano concerto; and he is hurled into a mass grave to the sorrowful Lacrimosa of his requiem mass. The music should move any viewer, however much they confess to hating anything classical. (Foreman 1986)
In the movie, the viewer gets a glimpse of actually watching Mozart compose. This reveals many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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