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Good Bye Lenin (2003) Director: Wolfgang Becker - Movie Review Example

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It presents a son who is devoted to sacrifice for her mother, despite the many challenges that he encounters. It is a charming story that has a combination of tenderness (Berghahn, 2005). The…
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Extract of sample "Good Bye Lenin (2003) Director: Wolfgang Becker"

Review: Good Bye, Lenin! (Germany, 2003) Affiliation Good Bye, Lenin! (Germany, 2003) Introduction Goodbye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker presents a story that is touching to the audience. It presents a son who is devoted to sacrifice for her mother, despite the many challenges that he encounters. It is a charming story that has a combination of tenderness (Berghahn, 2005). The story shows the perception of the manipulation of the realities of the Germans based on material things. The reunion of the long separation leads to awkward re-acclimation, which very few films would explore. The director shows that in the 1960s, there was a specific group that believed in NASA’s like being a sham and no single man could go to the moon and everything that was presented in the media was just the films in Hollywood. According to Becker, a character reflects the same hoax, even though, cannot be measured using the same scale for some reasons (OBrien, 2014).
The author uses a systematic, unique cinematic style by using fast –motion shots to impress what the country is experiencing while undergoing change. He applies more metaphors in the division and reunion of German with a brutal separation of Alex and the father. He uses Alex’s obsession with the exploration of space as a way to achieve communism, and this is also sued in plot development (Good-bye Lenin!).
In addition, he ensures that his characters are more plausible and allows the audience to see the world from a different perspective. For instance, he uses a boy to explore the dreams of space only to realize that it was just an empty dream; however, the same dream saved his mother’s life. The film tries to ask the rhetorical questions on how people can define reality. Becker argues by telling a story and not judging the characters (Göktürk, 2009)
The author presents Alex as what he seems to do with Christine is a good example of the reality that is being manipulated. Another character stays with a lie which after revealing affects a number of characters in the film. What the author tries to show is how people have to trust the actions or self. Becker tries to direct the movie a deft touch; he uses many comic moments that result in comic relief to the audience (Berghahn, 2005). He develops the plot with the creation of a tender relationship between Alex and Lara where there is a part of romance. He also shows that the characters perform all sorts of jobs, for example, Daniel Bruhl who escalates pent-up stress and Alex spin out of control. Becker exposes the Germans to the social and political happenings that were there. He tries to show that it was not just a step by step gradual reunification of the Germans after the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, it starts with the difficulties of time and struggle before it all happened (Berghahn, 2005).
The director uses Alex, who has great emotions and humanity. He presents him as a naive child who is resistant to forget about the past because what he needed most. He has an emotional blanket that makes the pain ease. The absence of the father takes him back to the past experiences. Nevertheless, he still wants to move ahead when he sees the western liberation. His self-delusion and acting like an idiot makes him appear comic in many places though he succeeds in becoming a credible and endearing person (OBrien, 2014).
Becker tries to go back to the past to give the accounts of the way people went through the transition from the communist world to the western democratic world. Most East Europeans were happy to realize that the past life of dictatorship would not appear again. The Western model was able to replace the system overnight. Though Alex tries to struggle with the past, his mother appears after the fall of Berlin. It shows how the living of people has to change if they let the past go and realize what the future holds. The drama is touching with sensitivity and a sense of fun (Berghahn, 2005).
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