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Selling smarter with CRM by Dawson Chris - Essay Example

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In the paper “Selling smarter with CRM by Dawson Chris” the author discusses the article by Dawson Chris that illustrates developments in customer relationship management that have made marketing easier through efficient and less costly strategies…
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Selling smarter with CRM by Dawson Chris
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Extract of sample "Selling smarter with CRM by Dawson Chris"

Selling smarter with CRM by Dawson Chris
‘Selling smarter with CRM’ as was authored by Dawson Chris for Davis Ziff and published on August 30, 2012 illustrates developments in customer relationship management that have made marketing easier through efficient and less costly strategies. According to the article, customer relationship management has become an essential tool to successful sales strategies and has similarly become cheaper. The management approach involves a track of customer’s database with the aim of understanding customers who are becoming more complex with time. Such a database, however, does not need to be necessarily complex and do vary depending on the type and size of an organization. It operates in a cycle that includes organizational management, sales and marketing teams, product generation departments and the customers. Organizations apply customer relationship management towards different benefits. One of such benefits is the establishment of a strong relationship between an organization and its customers through developing an understanding of the customers’ needs towards meeting the needs. Other benefits include managements of sales processes, improvement of sales strategies and evaluation of fundamental data including social data that affects an organization (Dawson, p. 3- 5).
Achieving these benefits does not however require extensive investment of resources and efforts. This is because of existence of cheaper and efficient approaches such as Google enabled applications and social networks for reaching and interacting with customers and potential customers. Such approaches can further be cheaply implemented by using an organization’s interns that are another source of cheap resources. This is because of the changing environment in which everything is social, and a social approach to customer relationship management through Google based applications and social network that promises higher level of effectiveness. A number of computer-based applications exist for such CRM initiatives towards better management of product development and sales initiatives (Dawson, p. 6- 10).
Personal take on the Macy’s project
Macy’s project is an explorative one that covers a wide scope of customer relationship management. It is also an economically viable project and applicable in real life situations. If approved for Macy’s company, then it stands to benefit the company in varieties of ways through developing an understanding of its customer base. The project is comprehensive about the field of customer relationship management because it proposes to explore many elements. These include the value of customer relationship management, description of programs that Macy’s can use to retain its existing customers, customer care services and applicable sales force initiatives. The project also intends to explore aspects such as application of E-business, data analytics, customer relationship management’s design, and its implementation, as are applicable to the organization. Adopting its report, by the organization, would therefore mean a comprehensive understanding of the management approach towards the company’s benefits.
The project is further viable because of its intended reliance on readily available resources for data collection and analysis. It for example plans to use secondary resources for data collection. This will be supported by data from interviews with local experts in customer relationship management towards the company’s practical knowledge of design, implementation, and benefits of customer relationship management. Further, results from the research are generally applicable and can be adopted by any other organization, both in Macy’s industry and in any other industry. The project is therefore both viable and applicable.
Works cited
Dawson, Chris. Selling smarter with CRM. White Paper. August 30, 2012. Read More
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