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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case Study - Essay Example

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This paper discusses customer relationship management (CRM) case study. Overly wants to implement an enterprise-wide Oracle CRM technology. To achieve this, the vertical silos must be integrated with the horizontal process standards. …
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Extract of sample "Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case Study"

19 September Relationship Management (CRM) Case Study Overly wants to implement an enterprise-wide Oracle CRM technology. To achieve this, the vertical silos must be integrated with the horizontal process standards. The first requirement of making this happen is gaining the commitment of the top management serving at all branches across the world regarding the effective implementation of the Oracle CRM technology. Integration of the vertical silos and the horizontal process standards is hard to obtain without addressing the needs of the individual branches. Overly can link a branch’s revenues with the level of successful CRM achieved by the use of Oracle CRM technology, which can in turn be assessed from the customer satisfaction assessment surveys. In this strategy, the branch that has the most satisfied customers gains a larger share in the profit as compared to others. This would motivate the leaders to take the necessary steps to incorporate the Oracle CRM technology in the organizational work setup. No change is effective without a carefully designed change management plan in place. The branch managers should conduct meetings with their staff to make them aware of the need and significance of incorporating the Oracle CRM technology in the work setup so that the subordinates understand them and do the needful to make the plan useful and effective. In addition to that, Overly needs to provide the staff at all branches with the training and education required to operate the portal. Providing the staff with an opportunity of maximizing their earnings and gaining training and education for free are some of the most effective ways of quick development of an enterprise-wide CRM mechanism. Read More
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