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QI strategies in performance measurements - Essay Example

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This paper “QI strategies in performance measurements” seeks to evaluate the use of information technology to ensure that quality indicators and performance of the organization are in sync with each other. The methodology for integrating QI strategies is the use of a framework…
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QI strategies in performance measurements
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Extract of sample "QI strategies in performance measurements"

Download file to see previous pages The other methodology necessary for integrating QI strategies and performance measures is the use of a framework. The framework should contain various guidelines on how the two above can be integrated effectively and even the dangers involved if the process and guidelines presented are not stipulated. The framework is the most effective and requires less technical expertise. This is however too simple to yield a good integration since some issues are not incorporated. The third methodology is having a combination of different methodologies. Since different methodologies have their own pros and cons when used on their own and may prove ineffective in integrating QI strategies and performance measures, a combination of several methodologies (for example the use of framework and information technology) will ensure that the pros of the methodologies are more than the cons and hence integration will be more successful. The disadvantage of this is that it will take more time for the combination to occur and also will require more technical expertise compared to just using a single methodology (Lighter and Fair, 2007). The use of information technology is most effective in the recreational facilities plan. This is because it requires less health care staff hovering around the patients and reminding them of their health conditions. It will also ensure that patients have freedom to enjoy the facilities without constant monitoring and also constantly being taken to their rooms for medication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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