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A Casy Study_PTII - Case Study Example

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The research question of the case study was to find out the probable reasons for dissatisfaction of the employees in the concern despite the availability of needed recreation and work flexibility facilities provided to them.
The sample to be chosen for the study consists of…
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A Casy Study_PTII
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Extract of sample "A Casy Study_PTII"

Research Question The research question of the case study was to find out the probable reasons for dissatisfaction of the employees in the concern despite the availability of needed recreation and work flexibility facilities provided to them.
The sample to be chosen for the study consists of stratified random sets of population pertaining to both the management and employee categories. The number of people chosen for the two sets consists of 10 managers and 30 employees totaling the sample size to be constituent of 40 respondents.
Data collection method
The data used for the research will be collected by means of qualitative data. The methods to use for collecting effective data generally consist of techniques like questionnaires designed for taking interviews, observation practices and other measures like surveys. However the methods like observation and surveys are taken to be unobtrusive in nature and thereby do not require the researcher to go for an in-depth analysis of the research question. On the contrary, the use of interview technique based on development of a questionnaire helps the researcher to gain potential inferences to the research question. Thus for the research question under view it would be feasible to incorporate the interview method than other data collection methods (Cummings and Worley, 2008, p.123). Use of open and close ended questions in the interview would enable the researcher to get effective views and feedbacks of the respondents to the research question.
Using written document along with an in depth interviews the researchers will be able collect information of the phenomena. By reading it carefully researcher tends to drive the essence of experience by conducting interviews with the individuals who have already experienced the phenomenon.
Interviews to be conducted for the research are of mainly three types, unstructured interview, semi structured interview and focus group interview. In unstructured interview, the questions are not set in advance so that the flow is not limited with certain set of questions. Once the interview is underway, the interviewer may ask question to clarify his thoughts such as “tell me what you meant by” or “please say more about”.
In semi structured interview, the interviewer pre plans few of the general questions to be asked. This type of question typically begins with set of guiding questions which address significant aspect of the research subject. Open ended questions are used to guide the interview and offers some structure and at the same time attempts to maintain flexibility of direction and inquiry.
Group interview are also taken into consideration and is termed as “focus group”. It will consist of small number of people mainly the top level manager or the mid level managers ranging from 6 to 10 members. Focus groups can be used to clarify the important aspect of the given research topic.
An interview is expected to have the desired skills before taking an active part in interviewing. The interviewer should be an active listener which is the most important feature of a good interviewer. Another equally important feature is reflexivity where the researcher re likely to recognize and also acknowledge experience, values and identity and in a way influence the process of research.
Cummings, T., and Worley, C. (2008). Organization Development & Change. United States: Cengage Learning. Read More
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