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Advantages Of A Collaborative Role Among Organizations - Essay Example

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The paper "Advantages Of A Collaborative Role Among Organizations" describes that collaborative roles among and between organizations are beneficial to all firms involved as they come together to lessen the risk incurred to any of them when working alone…
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Advantages Of A Collaborative Role Among Organizations
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Extract of sample "Advantages Of A Collaborative Role Among Organizations"

Advantages Of A Collaborative Role Among Organizations
Collaboration is beneficial among organizations due to the results it yields for both organizations and their clients. Collaboration refers to the relationship between independent organizations that involves coming together to share in either resources or ideas (Allison and Associates, 2010, Para. 1). It often occurs when organizations believe they can accomplish more when together than when they are independent entities.
Once organizations come together and work as one, they pose a threat to their competition. This is because; they work as one towards a common goal and do not have to compete against each other. It also increases the rate and speed of innovation for organizations that collaborate, as they share information and ideas openly (Baker, 2002, p.3). Collaboration, also, brings together organizations with different capabilities in regard to the resources they can access. Therefore, upon forming a cooperative relationship, they tend to advance their abilities and skills. From this, their competitiveness improves and so does their survival in the market. This is particularly so for organizations with fewer resources, but have immense potential to be successful once they work together with those who have resources.
Collaborative roles among and between organizations are beneficial to all firms involved as they come together to lessen the risk incurred to any of them when working alone (Baker, 2002, p. 4). Collaboration creates a safety net for all involved, as they can contribute to bailing each other out. Clients enjoy increased reliability from all organizations involved in the collaboration. Therefore, this is because the firms involved become more responsive as compared to being alone and close the gap in service delivery. Collaborative roles among organizations are substantially beneficial to all involved because they offer reliability and opportunity for growth. Collaborative roles are, therefore, crucial for all organizations seeking to improve their performance and security.

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