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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Workspace - Assignment Example

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The goal of this assignment is to discuss Maslow's hierarchy of needs in regard to effective workspace management. The writer investigates how meeting the psychological needs of workers can help to motivate them, and, therefore, unleash the full potential in terms of productivity…
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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs and the Workspace
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Extract of sample "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Workspace"

These types of needs are required to be satisfied before others. On the other hand, higher needs are only important to some workers. In the hierarchy of Maslow, various needs required by any individual working are specified. The first one is the physical needs which are the basis for the survival of any human. These needs entail shelter, water, sleep and oxygen among others. The other one is the safety needs as explained by Schermerhorn (Pp. 311) and they include security for any individual in a workplace. Any worker is supposed to feel safe while working and be in safe conditions by avoiding danger. Others include belonging and love need.
When the safety and physiological needs of a worker is met, there emerges the need for belongingness and love. Maslow put emphasis on this need by saying that they involve receiving and giving love to workers in the workplace. According to Schermerhorn (Pp. 313), another one is esteem needs that makes an individual in a workplace to feel competent and worthy. This is by the worker being appreciated by the kind of work done. The other need in the hierarchy is self-actualization need that realizes a worker’s full potential. In conclusion, the hierarchy of Maslow needs provides many ways that are useful in understanding the motivation of workers. Many business changes were proposed by Maslow so that workplaces would be more responsive to the worker's needs (Schermerhorn, Pp. 314). Read More
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