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Maslow's Hierarchy of Motives - Essay Example

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This paper Maslow's Hierarchy of Motives talks that Maslow’s proposed his theory of needs in 1943. His theory on human motivation concludes that human being have a certain needs, which they seek and then move on to the higher needs creating a hierarchy. …
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Motives

Download file to see previous pages... As the essay declares no doubt Maslow theory of needs have contributed a lot to understand human behaviour, however the needs process is not as straightforward as described. For example many intellectuals have produced exceptional work, while they suffered from mental illness, such as Galileo and Nietzsche. Maslow also mentioned that people would put often-lower needs first than the higher needs. However in the stories of prophets and mystics, the basic needs such as hunger, safety and sex are suppressed, and more attention is paid to higher needs. The reason for following such trend is that the belief is such societies not on the society, but faith on God, who is held responsible for fulfilling all needs.
This discussion stresses that the Christian celibacy is also one such example, which may seem denial of sexual needs, but its basic intention is to overcome the human urges and allow the priests to focus on God. The perception of motivation and needs also changes from one culture to another. For example according to Buddhism suffering is essential to reach Nirvana (ideal peace), which negates the theory of needs. The Indian culture is still based on caste system. A person born in a lower caste is unable to change his status no matter, how much he tries. Similarly certain mystics, such as the whirling dervish, followers of Maulana Rumi also consider suffering as a motivation to reach God or ideal state and suppressing of basic needs is essential to reach higher state. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It could be taken instance from the case that they even lacked communication with the staff. The process of motivation in an individual or an employee’s life is like the following: Motivation consists of interacting as well as interdependent elements of three types, namely: Needs, Drives and Incentives.
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Motivation and Happiness
Motives can then be conceived as predispositions towards certain kinds of behavior which have developed with the individual as a result of the relative success of his varied attempts at satisfying his need. Motivation involves a complex interaction within the individual and the total environment in which he lives.
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Motivation Profiles
The paper concludes that the fourth employee, Sam, is the realistic model of an employee in terms of his view of promotion. However, Sam does not embody what most people are. Although he is set to be realistic, in the end he is actually an ideal. Ella looks at her job as a solution to the hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, shelter and other needs of this level that she and her dependents experience.
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Once the biological need is fulfilled, the person will want to have safe environment and so on. Once one of the needs is fulfilled, its importance decreases and the desire for another need is activated. The other needs mentioned in the data are not directly related to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs but we can associate them within that hierarchy for example the transcendence need can be put into the self actualization need of the Maslow's hierarchy.
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Mackinsey and Company
The research literature can be divided into two broad categories: theoretical research studies and case studies. In the article Barak (2000 underlines that motivation is often considered one of the oldest concepts in management, thus, it is still one of the most difficult processes for leader-managers.
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Consumer Decision Process
The most popular theme for marketeers' remains as to how consumers respond to various marketing efforts. This is raised as a theme as an analysis of this often results in substantial upgrading of marketing efforts and improved sales.
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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
The author of this essay makes a deep description of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the relevance of his approach in regard of modern society. The author assumes that human strive for an upper level of capabilities and considers that we satisfy our needs in certain order according to asset of hierarchy.
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Employee Motivation
Thus, according to Taylor the factors that influence people's motivation are not only material, but also immaterial ones. 4 The policy of "stick and carrot" Taylor suggested implied punishments for poor performance and appraisals for better working efficiency.
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Methods of Motivation
Theories of motivation allow managers to understand goals and traits of employees, and create effective training programs based on unique needs and expectations of the staff. The main theories of motivation are Maslow's hierarchy of needs, expectancy theory equity theory, achievement motivation theory, goal-setting theory.
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
The physiological needs represent the first level and include food, sleep, and water. The second level encompasses the safety needs such as order, security, and stability. The two levels are crucial for the physical survival of humans. Lauby (2005) argues that people
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