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Askweek9 - Essay Example

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At early stages, human and technological resources were limited. However, your organisation opted for subcontracted (outsourcing) assignments in order to maintain control. Explain how this helped your organisation…
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Extract of sample "Askweek9"

First scenario: Toafic Raimi What are some of the internal mechanisms routines that your organisation has developed in order to resolve its land problem? Do you think they are effective? Explain.
Explain the best ways through which your organisation can respond to external stimuli. Do you think these can bear any fruits? Explain.
Do you find learning an important aspect of solving your work-based problem? Explain ways through which learning can help solve your work-based problem.
Second scenario: Shreef
In what ways can knowledge management and the use of knowledge as a means of organisational transformation be of help in transforming an organisation?
Your organisation’s reputation has been built over time. At early stages, human and technological resources were limited. However, your organisation opted for subcontracted (outsourcing) assignments in order to maintain control. Explain how this helped your organisation maintain control.
It is apparent that in order to make use of external capabilities, knowledge and technology should be adequate. Explain the rationale for knowledge and technology towards this effect.
Third scenario: Per
In what ways does your company benefit from being a moderate dynamic one? In what ways do dynamic capabilities become effective in your company?
Among the dynamic capabilities you listed, is seeking and sharing information and knowledge. Explain in details the importance of this aspect of capability.
What is the nature of your organisation’s external environment? What is the approach used by your organisation in order to respond to external stimuli?
Fourth scenario: Gordan
In order for your organisation to diversify its gold mining portfolios to the rest of Africa, there is a need to the organisation’s dynamic capabilities to help achieve this. What are the dynamic capabilities your organisation can employ?
In what ways can your organisation benefit from organisation learning?
What is the nature of your organisation’s external environment? How can your organisation respond to external stimuli?
Fifth scenario: Dana
How can you create capabilities in your organisation? Explain.
In what ways do dynamic capabilities help improve organisation?
Your organisation has lacked facilitating learning due to internal and external complications. What is the nature of your organisation’s external and internal environments? Do you think stimuli emanating from these environments can be resolved? If yes, explain how?
Pablo, A.L., Reay, T., Dewald, J.R. & Casebeer, A.L., 2007. ‘Identifying, enabling and managing dynamic capabilities in the public sector’, Journal of Management Studies, 44 (5), pp.687-708. Read More
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Askweek9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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