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Critically analyze the issue of resistance to change and discuss ways of handling it, at an individual and group level. Today, new trends, new issues and new tensions characterise the environment that organisations must operate in. It is brought about by powerful forces such as technology, globalization and even politics…
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Organisational change and development
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"Organisational change and development"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, this paper will explain two approaches that may become critical in addressing such difficulty: project management and systems approach to management. Change in Organisations There are at least three important changes in organisational life today. First, there is the case of changing the organisational goals and objectives. An organisation passes through a life cycle and that, along the way, it is inevitable to make modifications in order to address and adapt to unforeseen challenges as well as new opportunities. Managers, in these cases, revise organisational objectives in order to enforce better management and operational initiatives (Stam and Andriessen, 2009, p. 136). Changing this fundamental aspect in an organisation entails far ranging restructuring and shifts. It involves the changing the rationale behind the organisation’s existence. Secondly, there is cultural change. It is the next logical step once a strategic change is adopted or when management decides to change the organisational goals and objectives. The rationale is that in order to achieve effective change in that direction, a gradual change in mentalities must be achieved as well (Hamalainen and Saarinen, 2004, p.143). This is crucial in changing the organisational behaviour. ...
In tandem with several external variables such as the spurt of innovations in the market, the increase in competition, and the level of complexity of the supply chain, among others, it forces organisations to change. Resistance Resistance to change is inherent in every organisation. This is the general consensus in academic literature and is largely based on the principle that organisations are made up of human beings and that resistance is part of human characteristics (Passmore, Woodman and Shani, 2010, p.234). Even researchers and academics who question the assumption of such pervasiveness, tacitly recognize the inevitability of resistance when they argue in focusing on the differences and contexts in the way people respond to change (Fisher and Howell, 2004; Piderit, 2000). The human variable in this theme ensures the persistence of such behaviour and underpins the methods behind change initiatives. Several thoughts attempted to explain resistance as a concept. For example, there is the position that it is “a reactive process where agents embedded in power relations oppose initiatives by other agents” (Jermier et al., 1994, p.9). The breadth of scholarly work and empirical evidences on this subject show conceptualizations of resistance as a behaviour, emotion and belief that determine the way people respond to change (Piderit, 2000, p.786). All in all, the theoretical and empirical evidences highlight the dominant view that resistance is both negative and counterproductive in implementing change; hence, it must be addressed. An excellent way to demonstrate the difficulty in handling resistance to change at the group level is to explain the dynamics of an approach in forming a team. When one is building a team from the ground ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organisational Change and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Organisational change and development
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