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Employee Resistance And Management Of Organizational Change - Essay Example

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Employee resistance is associated with the negative effects of changes within an organization. The paper "Employee Resistance And Management Of Organizational Change" discusses the negative and positive impacts of employee opposition on the management of organizational transformation…
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Employee Resistance And Management Of Organizational Change
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Download file to see previous pages In most circumstances, when managers attempt to implement changes within an organization, they often do so in the belief that the changes are going to be accepted without question. This is because of the belief that has emerged in the corporate world that managers are the ones who know what is best for an organization and that any resistance to their policies is equivalent to insubordination (Phillips 1983, p.183). This is not always true because, in most circumstances, employees tend to resist only those changes that they deem to be against not only their interests but also of the organization as well. Therefore, when managers encounter change, most of them take a tough stance against those employees who are resisting and this essentially creates a stalemate within an organization because neither of the parties involved is willing to talk with the other concerning how to remedy the situation. A result of these circumstances is that even the most desired changes within an organization cannot be implemented because management refuses to cater for the concerns raised by employees. The ability of employees to resist changes is often underestimated by managers and this leads to their choosing to take disciplinary action against those who offer resistance. While in some circumstances disciplinary action might work, there are others where such actions lead to the destruction of the relationship between management and employees as each of them chooses to disregard the opinion of the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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