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The necessity for ethical behavior in the management of projects - Essay Example

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Ethical scandals that rocked international institutions such as Enron and WorldCom among others, dealt an immense blow to ethical practices in management. This shook the confidence in management of organizations and institutions worldwide. Various studies revealed that…
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The necessity for ethical behavior in the management of projects
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Extract of sample "The necessity for ethical behavior in the management of projects"

Download file to see previous pages Moral philosophy or ethics concerns the defense and recommendation of the concepts of wrong or right behavior. The philosophy of ethics is divided into operational areas such as normative ethics, applied ethics and meta-ethics. Meta-ethics involves the reference and theoretical meaning of moral values, and the determination of their truth (Ashrafi, 2007). Normative ethics involves the practical means of establishing a moral plan of action, while applied ethics involves the achievement of moral outcomes in different situations with different ethical requirements. The characteristics of ethical behaviors are fairness, honesty, and equity in professional, interpersonal and research, scholarly and academic relationships. Ethical behaviors compliment the diversity, rights and dignity of individuals or people in the society. The standards upheld in enhancing the attributes of responsibility and honesty is ethical behaviors. These standards are applicable to all individuals regardless of the facets of life, and the position held in commerce. The hallmark of ethical behavior is the application of these standards in situations that are inconvenient for their application (Long, & Spuma, 2005).
Project management involves organizing, planning, managing, securing, controlling and leading resources towards the achievement of objectives and goals. Projects are provisional endeavors that have a defined starting and end points. They are mostly time and funding constrained. Projects are carried out to meet objectives and goals, characteristically for addition of value or for beneficial changes. Projects because of their temporary nature are in contrast to operations or businesses that are permanent and repetitive (Long, & Spuma, 2005). The management of projects is thus challenging and different and requires distinct management strategies and technical skills. The major challenge in project management is the achievement of the objectives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Necessity for Ethical Behavior in the Management of Projects Essay)
The Necessity for Ethical Behavior in the Management of Projects Essay.
“The Necessity for Ethical Behavior in the Management of Projects Essay”, n.d.
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