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Healthcare Management: Values and Ethics - Term Paper Example

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Running Head: Management Healthcare Management: Values and Ethics An Essay Name Name of Professor Introduction Almost all organizations would like to build a strong reputation of ethical behavior. As a result, codes of ethics and social responsibility agendas are created to restore confidence in employees that organizational management is dedicated to ethical behavior…
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Healthcare Management: Values and Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Every organization must create an ethical policy. Ethics is a crucial component of corporate culture. As stated by Pera and Van Tonder (2005), ethical organizations work toward meeting the demands of their stockholders, are devoted, and enthusiastic to learn. Managers of ethical organizations possess the moral boldness to promote innovation, accept professional subordinates, initiate change, and conform to values. Managers of healthcare organizations and healthcare providers must look into all features of ethical conduct in their activities. Distinctions between unethical and ethical behavior must be recognized and penalties or punishments established against unethical behavior. The recognition of unethical and ethical behavior is challenging (Benjamin & Sohnen-Moe, 2004). In the greatly complex healthcare organizations nowadays even ethical healthcare professionals are having problems identifying precisely what practices are ethical and what behaviors are unethical. Management serves a major role in healthcare organizations of today. The management’s risk, on the one hand, is similar to that of employees, whereas on the other hand, management has an obligation to protect the interests and guarantee the safety of the organization. ...
Building a Work Environment that Encourages Free Expression of Ethical Concerns Generally there is agreement about the ethical responsibilities of the organization to employee and human resources issues. The most important asset of the organization is its human resources or people, and many believe that the unethical or improper handling of personnel can result in the failure of the organization’s objective and its capacity to provide public service. An outline of ethical guidelines and policies may be created that, on the surface, appear to be normative. Some examples of these are establishing processes for consensus building, conflict resolution, and participatory decision making; being honest and transparent; providing reasonable compensation; and treating personnel as individuals, not as objects (Morrison, 2009). They also involve shielding against sexual harassment or physical violence in the workplace; establishing reasonable and just disciplinary rules; handling personnel with respect; and making sure that personnel rules are fair and nondiscriminatory (Morrison, 2009). Apparently, this superficial consensus on normative rules does not guarantee that every employee in the workplace behaves in an ethical way. It is likely to consider unethical conduct as abnormal or deviant practices of unethical personnel or managers, but the core reason could be situated in the organization’s culture or its failure to deal with or regulate the unethical behavior of its personnel. The workforce of healthcare organizations has varied specializations and professional experiences (e.g. managers, nursing, medicine, etc.), and each employee has his/her own view of what is ethical or fair, other than the values ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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