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Portfolio Management Plan - Essay Example

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Employee X can be given critical tasks of the organization as the employee X enjoys working and is motivated to develop a good career path in the organization. Employee X is a responsible and reliable employee and it can be ensured that work delegated to Employee X would be…
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Portfolio Management Plan
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Extract of sample "Portfolio Management Plan"

Portfolio Management Plan AFFILIATION: Portfolio Management Plan How might these three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization?
Employee X can be given critical tasks of the organization as the employee X enjoys working and is motivated to develop a good career path in the organization. Employee X is a responsible and reliable employee and it can be ensured that work delegated to Employee X would be received by the deadline. The performance of the organization would be on the positive side with the services of Employee X. Employee X is characterized as being satisfied with his job.
Employee Y needs to be constantly monitored after assigning any task and all guidelines need to be given before the start of the task so that the employee stays on the right path. Any external or internal factor of communication or dealings may allow the employee to be distracted from the current task assigned. The performance of the organization would be affected if Employee Y is distracted with multiple tasks. Employee needs to work upon the emotions and be engaged to the task assigned.
Employee Z needs to be strictly monitored as it has been observed that he does not have a good ethical background and has the potential of violating the rules and regulations of the organization. Employee should be observed under the manager and should not be given any vital task of the organization (Woods, 2003). The performance of the organization would be affected negatively if employee Z performs unsupervised. Employee Z needs to also work upon controlling emotions and focus on being satisfied with the job rather than opting for unethical work practices.
Recommendations for additional assessments
Other additional assessments that can be recommended for the employees are firstly the Employee Passion Survey. This survey would allow the organization to depict the level of passion that employees have for performing the job roles at the firm. The results of this survey would allow the organization to determine the needs of the employees, the level of passion persisting in the employee, the level of trust that needs to be build by the organization and employee for better productivity of the firm.
The second assessment that can be conducted for the employees is the Team Alignment Survey. This survey would allow the organizations to determine the ability of the employees to work in teams and to what extent are the teams aligned in achieving the goals and objectives for the firm. Trust and alignment are two elements that need to be present for teams to become successful and perform successfully for the firm.
Specifically employee X can take up assessments such as What’s my basic Personality? and How Involved I am in my Job?. Employee Y should take up assessments such as How much do I trust others? and assessments on emotional intelligence. Employee Z again should take the assessment of What’s my basic personality? and What are the factors at job that would motivate me?
Wood, A. (2003). Managing Employeesʼ Ideas. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 26(2), 22-26. Read More
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(Portfolio Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Portfolio Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Portfolio Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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