Career Development Portfolio: Career Aspirations, Reflection of the Skill Development, Career Management Action Plan - Essay Example

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The PDP Overview Personal Development Portfolio is considered as the major tool for an individual to gain growth with regards to his/her career. Similarly, Personal Development Plan is a mechanism which enables an individual to assess his/her inner skills, his/her strengths as well as weaknesses…
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Career Development Portfolio: Career Aspirations, Reflection of the Skill Development, Career Management Action Plan
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the plan also assists in recognising the prime causes of the strengths and weaknesses possessed by an individual providing him/her with an opportunity to enhance the strengths and minimise the weaknesses. Thus, this helps in structuring the effort of an individual towards improvement in the required areas (Pearson Education, 2011). The Personal Development Portfolio is important as one need to develop plan for the future context in order to attain the determined objective and career growth. With this concern, it is quite essential to identify the strengths and the weaknesses within own self as it is likely to prove immensely beneficial for assisting the individual in paving the path for the bright future. Career Aspirations I have worked as Medical Receptionist, Medical Secretarial, and Personal Assistant and also as Switchboard Operator. I am keen to build my career within the domain of human resource management. I have worked in the field of customer service that gave me an experience of about 4 years in dealing with the customers. I have been part of Synthom as the customer executive and always gained appreciation for my quality work. Since then, I have noticed that I enjoy working for satisfying the query and need of the people. I have always wanted to be a part of the administration and work for the benefit of the personnel working over there. It is worth mentioning that an organisation comprises of a group of employees working within it. At times, due to miscommunication or misinterpretation, a sense of conflict may occur amid the employees in an organisation. I want to be the one who can understand the point of view of the employees as well as the administration and convey the message accordingly. In my past job as a customer executive, I have always enjoyed serving the people. Taking the fact as a motivational factor, I want to develop my career in the field of Human Resource (HR) and work as the person who is responsible for problem solving and minimising the gap among the employees and the authority. Initially, I want to join as a trainee to gain the necessary knowledge about the post of the HR and then I want to focus my efforts towards the Training and Development sector. I believe in teamwork and according to my prior experiences, I can handle new employees effectively and have the potential in motivating them into contributing efficiently in the organisational processes. Later, I would emphasise on gradually developing myself as an efficient team leader. Human Resource is one of the very important departments of an organisation. The job profile in this managerial segment is concerned about looking after the welfare of the employees and the resources working in the organisation. In the process, I want to progress as the HR executive and then as a HR manager. I have good communication skills and enjoy interacting with people on professional level. I also believe that pursuing career in HR will prove worthy and help me to enhance my communication skills. This will also make be knowledgeable about every facets of the HR such as Pension and Benefit Administration, phases implicated in recruitment process and above all, employee relations. Five years down the line, I want to be in the position of the HR manager in an organisation of repute and also want to establish a fundamentally strong team. This can be gained through tremendous hard work. Self belief and self development will also play an effective part in the process. Among my various skills, listening and learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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