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Quantitative data analysis( By using IBM SPSS ) - Essay Example

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Descriptive table provide you with an indication of how much a problem associated with these outlying cases. The expected value is the 5% trimmed Mean. SPSS removes the top and bottom 5 per cent of the cases and calculated a new mean value to obtain this Trimmed Mean value…
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Quantitative data analysis( By using IBM SPSS )
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Extract of sample "Quantitative data analysis( By using IBM SPSS )"

Download file to see previous pages It helps to identify the case that has the outlying values.
When the initial_output and final_output is taken together for a study, we must examine whether there are outliers in both these variables, unlike there is only one outlier in initial_output so that we can omit both of those extreme cases coming out of initial_output and final_output for any further analysis (like correlations, regression etc..) so that the statistical analyses would be perfect. The following tables and diagrams depict the same.
Now by analysing the final_input and final_output variables together, we observe that only case number 58 is the outlier, shown in both the initial_output and final_output box plots. So we can omit that entry for analysis involving the variables initial_output and final_output.
Interpretation: From the above t-table, we observe that there is a significant difference between the initial_output and final_output (t value is significant with probability 0.000) which indicates that the training programme is effective.
From the above box plot, it is observed that the final output of the case number 58 is outlier, which indicates that in one weeks training programme, the output of case number 58 has tremendously improved in one week training programme compared to the other respondents. Also we notice that case numbers 37 and 55 are extreme low outliers in 1 week training programme. There is no effect of training programme for these outliers.
Interpretation: From the above output, we observe that the final output of 1 week training programme is tremendously appreciable when compared to other training conditions ie. 1 day training programme or no training programme. The homogeneous subsets indicate that there is a significant difference between the 1 day and 1 week training programmes but there is no significant difference in the final output between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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