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Ask week2 - Essay Example

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Your organization has identified a critical problem confronting your private housing and infrastructure practice. What are different ways of resolving the identified…
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Ask week2
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Extract of sample "Ask week2"

First scenario: Taofic One of the steps of solving a certain problem is the identification of the challenges to solving the problem. Your organization has identified a critical problem confronting your private housing and infrastructure practice. What are different ways of resolving the identified problem?
Acquisition of land, for example, held by chiefs on behalf of their people might take different methodology and approaches in its pursuits. What are some of applicable approaches in practice would you find necessary in this regard?
Action research may be incorporated with CAS in the effort to finding solutions to the problem. How important is action research in application of CAS concept?
Second scenario: Sharif Abdul Kareem
It is believed that changing an organization in order to address areas of concern requires some concepts or ideas on how to develop a methodology to address these areas of concern. How would your organization develop these ideas and concepts?
One of the ways through which such ideas can be formulated could be through the sensing that, the organization needs to adjust its readiness. This sensing may arise from the feedback of clients or simply by a personal feeling of inadequacy that is also shared amongst the staff. In order for there to be successful generation of ideas, it is apparent that a complex adaptive system that allows for the open interaction of management, staff and clients is vital. Explain the rationale of sensing, that the organization needs and importance of sensing that arises from the feedback of clients and staff.
Third scenario: per
System concept (f) is about theory-building and increasing knowledge. Although your concern is not about finding theory, it is apparent that this concept would be applicable in some ways. In what ways are system concept (f) useful in your quest to finding the best way of increasing collaboration between subsystems in order to achieve better quality in the work tasks to be performed?
Action research may play a role in finding ways through which collaboration between sub-systems can be achieved. Enumerate how action research may be relevant in this regard?
Fourth scenario: Cathreene Grave
Application of CAS in your work based problem clearly stipulates that, important factors to success are “who and why/how” they adapt the system and processes. In relation to this assertion, do you find it possible that application of CAS would help solve your work based problem? If yes, in what ways?
Explain the four key elements significant to your sales problem?
Fifth scenario: Jackline
Utilizing CAS in your work based problem may open up new ideas of solving the problem. However, you may need to apply action research in order to have best solutions to your work based problem. In what ways are action research relevant in the application of CAS?
According to Stacey, (2011) double-loop learning “involves changing a mental model, a recipe, a mindset, a frame of reference or a paradigm”, (pp 109). In what ways would you apply double-loop learning in order to solve your work based problem?
Sixth scenario: Gordan
Your problem is to find modalities involved in the CEO’s call to move our operations to the rest of Africa in reaction to the security situation in the DR Congo. In this regard, CAS concept could be applicable in finding solutions to this problem. In what ways would CAS of help in finding solutions to your problem?
You may find it necessary to use action research when applying CAS concept. Elucidate the relevance of the action plan to CAS?
Stacey, R.D., 2011. Strategic management and organisational dynamics: the challenge of complexity. 6th ed. Harlow: Pearson Read More
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Ask Week2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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