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Managers Duties in Terms of the Four Functions of Management - Essay Example

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The research paper “Manager’s Duties in Terms of the Four Functions of Management” will examine the organizing function of management, which refers to the arrangement of sources and people for the attainment of goals and objectives…
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Managers Duties in Terms of the Four Functions of Management
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Extract of sample "Managers Duties in Terms of the Four Functions of Management"

Download file to see previous pages When we say the word planning, we are referring to defining objectives and goals for the organization and then formulating a path of action for their achievement. As far as I have seen, this HR manager is pretty much involved in employees’ planning such as how many employees need to be hired in the coming quarter and how and what kind of training should be given to the existing employees so that they are better able to contribute towards that attainment of organizational goals.
 The organizing function of management refers to the arrangement of sources and people for the attainment of goals and objectives (Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, 2009). The HR manager is usually seen involved in the division of work so that the goals can be achieved in an organized and clear manner. For instance, if a new project is announced, after designing a recruitment plan, he would assign for himself, HR officers and admin person different tasks such as giving advertisement in newspaper, writing job descriptions, defining a career development plan, identifying training needs, sorting resumes, making interview calls such that the process be carried out systematically.
 Leading is all about having such an influence on the employees which acts as a motivator for them. This HR manager is keen in communicating with his subordinates on a day to day basis. He discusses problems and their solutions, counsels, motivates and guides them as well as educates them on appropriate behavior.
 Controlling as a management function means ensuring that all efforts towards goal achievement are being properly carried out. Our HR manager keeps a check on employees’ performance and behavior and corrects them where necessary.
 The HR manager seems to be carrying out the four management functions effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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