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Global Diversity Plan - Term Paper Example

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Global Diversity Management Most of the big corporations of the world have presence in many nations, thus popularizing the concept of Multi-national corporations. One key challenge that multi-national corporations face is that of global diversity management…
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Global Diversity Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Through global diversity management, heterogeneity in organizations can not only be recognized and valued to help the organization strengthen its performance. Often, managing diversity at a global level becomes a challenge for many organizations because of the numerous aspects that are involved. Global diversity management has become an integral process of an organization because mismanagement or lack of adequate management can result in different consequences such as dissatisfaction among the employees, marginalization of certain groups and impact on performance (Gardenswartz, 2003). Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategic plan as well as vision in place for diversity management at a global level that encompasses all the main risk-issues and has plans for redressing each of these issues. Objective The objective of this study is to create a strategic plan that would help in promoting in global diversity in an international organization that is based in the United States but has presence in China, Germany and Nigeria. As with most multi-national organizations, this organization too has a preference to maintain a consistent operating policy across the globe so that there is centralized control, better coordination and a uniform corporate culture. However, these policies would not be rigid, but would be in such a manner that it can be customized according to each particular office in a country. The long-term objective is to make global diversity as a strength for the organization. Composition and Management of Global Teams For any organization that has a high focus on global diversity management, a team of leaders from diverse locations would manage the global organization. This is imperative because this will make sure that the organization is a global organization that provides accurate representation of each of the offices across different geographies. One main aspect that needs to be highlighted in the global diversity management plan is the composition and management of global teams (Govindarajan & Gupta 2001). Even in situations where the office is much smaller when compared to other global offices, it is necessary that this office has a good representation in the global scheme of things. Even though the organization would have its headquarters in the United States, the offices in China, Germany and Nigeria will have an Office head, who would be a part of the Board of Directors so that each of these offices have equal representation and voice in critical decision making meetings. The offices have mostly been divided according the functions. The office in the United States would function as a central fulcrum and would have representation for all the functions of the organization. This is done to ensure business continuity; in the event of any situation, office is not able to function in any particular country. The sales function and marketing team would be based out of the United States because large majorities of the clients are located in the United States. The China office would focus highly on product development, where as the offices in Germany and Nigeria would work on product marketing plans. In addition, they would also participate in client interactions. Each of these functions would have a leader or head, who would report to the global leader of these functions based in the United S ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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