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Organization Analysis For United Nation Environment Program - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Organization Analysis For United Nation Environment Program" is all about organizational features and concepts on the United Nations Environment Programme. Several aspects of the organization have been assessed and analyzed, putting more focus on environmental matters.
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Organization Analysis For United Nation Environment Program
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Extract of sample "Organization Analysis For United Nation Environment Program"

Download file to see previous pages From 1972 down to the 1990s, global governments had declared their pledges to sustainable development principles. In May 2000, the first Worldwide Ministerial Environment Forum was convened by UNEP in Malmo, Sweden. The forum’s main aim was to send a strong note to the UN General Assembly meant to revisit the sustainable development discussion at the millennium meeting in September 2000. Although the millennium presented many opportunities to UNEP, several challenges also came up. In 2005, the organization’s task was further strengthened when the UNEP Governing Council endorsed the Ball Strategic Plan to apply capacity development and technology support programmes nationally.
The critical final years of the world’s commitment to meet the Millennium Development Goals will ensure that UNEP goes on providing vital information, practical support, and policy advice to the UN member nations as they collectively work to achieve UN Charter’s promise of a globe of social progress and better living conditions in a wider freedom.
UNEP as an organization concerned with environmental matters is large enough to look into the issues at a global point of view. Its Governing Council meets this task appropriately by reporting to the UN General assembly via the Social and Economic Council. There is equitable representation in each region, where the 58-members elected for the four-year terms represent each state as follows: the African States have 16 seats, the Asian States have 13 seats, Eastern Europe has 6, Caribbean and the Latin American States have 10, while Western Europe and the remaining States have 13 seats. This makes the organization large enough and capable of addressing environmental issues easily around the Globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organization Analysis For United Nation Environment Program Term Paper - 1.
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