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Position paper defining the needs of public personnel today - Essay Example

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The public personnel have four main areas that they handle which include planning, development, acquisition and sanctions. The growth and development of the public personnel today are…
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Position paper defining the needs of public personnel today
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Extract of sample "Position paper defining the needs of public personnel today"

Download file to see previous pages The public personnel today are still faced by various problems among which political interference, which is still a problem despite the government’s efforts to curb it. Mismanagement of funds and poor management facilitated by bureaucracy is also a problem. The public personnel have various needs that they still need to address in the search for an ear for their plight.
Sustainability is one of the factors that must not be underrated. The growth of public personnel will highly depend on the manner of labor distribution in a manner that can exist without interference for a long duration. The change in the division of labor has today been a major concern in union development in that various unions representing various personnel may be limited by various changes that maybe introduced in the undertakings and activities of the personnel as stated by Ronald (1994).
Politics play a role in the performance and efficiency of public personnel. People in political and influential positions often make the choice of leaders. This reflects that the loyalty of the chosen managers is owed to the politicians rather than the union members. The equity based on social grants job preference to individuals or groups based on the initial sacrifices or discrimination that render them incompetent. The political instability reflects the union instabilities hence poor performance
According to Lipset (2004), Pension scandals have been very rampant among other scandals, the pensions in most cases appear to be grossly excessive which may not be the case in the official statistics during compensation for the reason that they reflect give a reflection of the future cost but not the current cost. The various excessive aspects within the public sector pension include early retirements where some unions expand the generosity of public pensions. Double dipping is whereby some workers retire early and go for other jobs in the public sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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