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Week 14L discussion board - Essay Example

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The size makes the organization to demand specialized expertise in job specifications. Therefore, the services I offer the organization are specific and specialized. The technological advancements…
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Week 14L discussion board
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Extract of sample "Week 14L discussion board"

Chapter 15; Discussion Questions Do the size, technology, and mission of your organization directly affect you? How?  Certainly, size, technology, and mission of my organization affect me directly. The size makes the organization to demand specialized expertise in job specifications. Therefore, the services I offer the organization are specific and specialized. The technological advancements demands that I keep abreast with ultramodern technology least I become obsolete. The mission of the organization requires that I focus my energy and resources towards achieving the mission. Achieving the mission becomes part of the employee’s lives.
Does your company show any one or more of the four symptoms of structural deficiency discussed at the end of the chapter? Why do these deficiencies occur? 
Just like any other company, my company suffers from structural deficiencies albeit not so many. For instance, the bureaucratic structure makes it difficult to get things done fast and efficiently. More often than not, information processing stops at some structural levels until clearance is given. Such deficiencies occur due to inefficiencies in some of the information processing levels. For instance, an absentee manager would cap all the information passing through their desk until they are available.
Who are your organization’s competitors? What changes do you see in information technology where you work? 
All organizations depending on information processing systems to provide services to people are our competitors. However, there has been a remarkable change in information processing system in our company for the last several years. Most notable, many operations have shifted from technical dependency to software dependency systems. For instance, customer assistance systems use software technology answering machines as opposed to the customer service representative mode of operation.
Chapter 16; Discussion Questions
Suppose you want to change your organization’s culture. What sort of resistance would you expect from employees? How would you deal with this resistance?
Considering most of the technological changes come with laying-down of some employees as they are replaced with efficient systems, fear would be the most form resistance from employees. They would resist the change in fear of losing their jobs. This can be dealt with by proper communication and affirmation that no jobs will be lost. Actually, the changes can come with a small pay increase as an assurance.
To what extent is culture manageable? Changeable?
Organizational culture is manageable to the extent in which all the stakeholders are willing to cooperate. If changes are done rapidly and inefficiently, more resistance is expected. However, with the right approach, organizational culture is changeable. Read More
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Week 14L Discussion Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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