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Study Topic 5 Valuing your customers - Essay Example

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As a result, fitness and sports organizations and facilities have experienced increased competition in attracting and maintaining customers. Customer handling and quality…
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Study Topic 5 Valuing your customers
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Extract of sample "Study Topic 5 Valuing your customers"

Download file to see previous pages ies need to provide services that correspond to the needs of their customers by getting rid of the gaps between what the customers receives and what they expect (Rhys, Oakley, Power, & Sinka 2008). Hence, the most essential concept in valuation of customers is the organization’s capacity to measure, predict, and influence the business value of their customers (Soman & N-Marandi 2010). This paper is a discussion of how Halo Leisure, manages sport and fitness facilities for the county of Herefordshire in England. They value their customers and this gives them an advantage over other fitness and sport organizations in the country. Furthermore, the paper outlines the measures that could be taken to improve the satisfaction of members in a sports club. The customer care issues addressed in the paper include market research and feedback, the customers’ expectations and experiences, the staffing issues, customer satisfaction, and retention.
Market research is used by organizations to inform them of the most appropriate methods or ways to accomplish their aims by offering their services according to the expectations of the customers. According to Bolton & Tarasi (n.d), improved customer care in organizations is aimed at increasing the revenues, the value of the shareholders, and profit margins using certain marketing activities, such as marketing research. Therefore, the organizations need to, critically, understand the value of their customers, which the organizations derives from them and that which the organizations presents to them (Njenga 2010). Therefore, Halo Leisure uses the market research and feedback to attract more customers by delivering services that meet their expectations. For instance, Jon Arget, CEO Halo Leisure, states that the considerable increase in growth and development of an organization is attributed to the changes implemented in the organization according to the needs and wants of customers in certain customer care elements. He affirms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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