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Customer Exprerience - Hairdressing Services/Business for 13-17 Year Olds Customers - Research Paper Example

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This proposal aims at introducing a new style of hairdressing salon for the 13-17-year-olds in Brisbane. The main theme of the salon will be ‘naturals’. The following sections will provide a clear description of the idea of the salon and will bring out a more detailed view of the proposal. …
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Customer Exprerience - Hairdressing Services/Business for 13-17 Year Olds Customers
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Download file to see previous pages The current markets in the area of Brisbane currently have a number of parlors that deal with hair care and hairstyling. However, these products are all chemical based and the amount of chemicals that go into each of the processes is slowly leading to more damage to the natural hair of young adults. With the growing need for stylish hairdos and also the never-ending wishes of newer hair trends, young adults between the age group of 13-17 are heading towards more damaged hair and also early balding (Levine, 2008). Also with the growing need for more environmentally friendly products, this is a major gap in the market which can be filled out as well as ensure that the young adults are not faced with the harsh chemicals at such young ages.
Communities across the world are also looking for more natural solutions and more environmentally friendly solutions hence this is a major gap in the market and can be used effectively at least for the young adults who do not need to be exposed to harsh chemicals at such early stages of life. Also, this will help retain the natural beauty for longer periods and will permit the freshness and glow remain for much longer periods. It is also essential to note that the products that we are talking about are less harmful to the natural hair and also allows reduced chemicals which ensure health and safety of the customers as well.
Customer experience is an essential part of every business and is the basis for the success or failure of a business. Here, in this case, it is clear that the young adults falling within the range of 13 and 17 tend to use the hairdressing salons to a great extent with a variety of different services for their hair. These include a variety of services like hair packs, protein packs, and also hair straightening. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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