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M2A2 - Essay Example

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Some personality types like the choleric are tough-willed and production-oriented to such a level that they cannot accept failure. Such individuals become…
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Extract of sample "M2A2"

Leadership Plan Affiliation: Personal leadership plan Analyzed personality dimensions and how they influence leadership.
The behavior and emotions of an individual influence how he or she can lead people and relate to people as a leader. Some personality types like the choleric are tough-willed and production-oriented to such a level that they cannot accept failure. Such individuals become autocratic leaders (dictators) because they push their employees and their followers to achieve even at the expense of their health and families (Carducci 2009).
There are other personalities who are social individuals (sanguine) and therefore have no sense of time or responsibilities. These individuals may lead the followers to failure by spending too much time socializing and having fun not to mention letting the followers to be extremely free of responsibilities. Such people cannot be effective leaders if results are expected to be seen within certain duration.
Analyzed personal attitudes and values.
Attitudes may hinder or enforce the leadership qualities of an individual. This is because attitudes are connected with emotions which make an individual behave in a rational or irrational manner when communicating with others. Leaders with attitude problems (negative attitude) tend to be very pessimist even to the work of his or her followers. This may demoralize and demotivate them hence leading to the failure of a course or organization (Ricketts and Ricketts 2010).
Values are acquired through socialization process by different socialization agents like family, school and media. The personal values of an individual may affect their leadership. If for example a person has staunch moral values, he or she will uphold principles of integrity and democracy not to mention good governance hence becoming a good leader.
Evaluated strategies for improving weaknesses in the personal leadership style.
One of the strategies is to have emotional and social intelligence which will ensure the leader understands their emotions and attitudes and that of others and will therefore be considerate and understanding to the followers hence overcoming weaknesses. The other is to have therapies to manage the personal weaknesses the leader may have that hinder him or her from becoming an effective and efficient leader.
Organizational leadership plan
Explained the use of organizational and situational variables to develop leadership style.
Situational variables reflect communication of different types of leaders to their followers. It involves defining the tasks accurately and clearly and also understanding the physical and social surroundings that may hinder him or her to be a good leader. These factors may help an individual develop his or her leadership in a way that both the followers and other stakeholders will be supportive to the organization’s endeavors.
The organizational variables that may develop leadership are issues like formulating policies that are acceptable by the followers by consulting them hence ensuring that the policy will be implemented. It also includes issues like the administration whether it is dictatorial or democratic. Dictatorial administration pressures the followers and hence reduced productivity in the long run (Griffin and Moorhead 2011).
Explained how leadership style affects the relationships between leaders and followers.
A leader who is autocratic increases the communication barrier between him/ her and the followers (Dereli 2010). This is because they do not involve the followers in decision making and hence no sense of ownership by the followers. Lack of proper communication may lead to low production in the end.
Democratic leadership ensures that the leader engages the followers in decision making and communicates effectively with them. The leader understands the followers and they are therefore free to interact and share ideas or the situations in the organization. This encourages ownership and hence improved productivity.
The above discussion therefore leads to the conclusion that leaders need to have both personal and organizational leadership plan if he or she is to be able to be an effective leader. The leader needs to take care of his or her personality issues and have emotional or social intelligence which will ensure that they will lead their employees or followers in a path that is goal-oriented and hence the future success of the organization in general (both in increased productivity and low turnover).
Carducci, B. (2009). The Psychology of Personality: Viewpoints, Research and Applications. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.
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Ricketts, J. and Ricketts, C. (2010). Leadership: Personal Development and Career Success. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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